Friday, October 2, 2009

Broken Thought Process

Thursday is no longer a good day for me. I think this will have to temporarily move to either Wednesday or Friday until the term is over. On Thursdays, I tend to study in the morning, and then I have class from 1:40 to 7:30, with a bit of a break during which I'm, again, studying. Then I come home and study for my Friday morning class for a bit...then after that I just want some TV time. But Wednesday and Friday I only have one class, and then I'm just working at the snack table. By working I mean I sit there and essentially act as a guard to the food and cashbox until someone comes up and wants to buy something...then I just take their money and go back to what I'm doing. Gotta love cushy work-study jobs.

Anyway, so I got my winter internship all lined up. I got a little worried, no one was interviewing me...but that is kind of my weird pattern. I apply to all sorts of places and get like, one or two interviews...but out of those one or two, someone gives me an offer. I guess it's that on paper, I'm not overly impressive (unless, at this point, I'm applying for a tax law position) but I do make a really good impression in person. Or, I'm assuming I do, once I actually get the interview I rarely have trouble getting the job.

Oh, so I guess I'll explain what my internship actually is. It's totally different this time. I'm working at a small law firm that focuses on asbestos litigation from the defendant's side. This means they represent the manufacturers and other corporations that have used asbestos. I know, it sounds like it might be more fun to work for the plaintiff's side, but actually, because asbestos used to be in almost everything, there are a lot of frivolous suits from people who don't really have a claim...they didn't really work with it when it was airborne, or something. And I get to do a lot of the mucky litigation stuff like sifting through facts and putting together the basis for our claim, participating in settlements and depositions, and all that litigation stuff I've been wanting to do. And with all my internships, I haven't worked at an actual law firm, so I'm excited to see what that environment is like.

So I made Severus a toy the other day. While I was in Portland, I bought this book with all this stuff to do with old T-shirts, and have become obsessed with cutting up and altering all my T-shirts. Well, not ALL. I will never cut up my Pedroia shirt...I basically sleep in it until it smells, wash it, then sleep in it again. Anyway, so far I've made a fun party shirt out of this GINORMOUS Cuervo shirt I got for free at some bar on some holiday, and a really cute kimono-inspired shirt out of parts of a plain white shirt and a brown shirt that was always a little loose on me (because I acquired it from Christen...with permission), but it's cute because it says Rio on the front and has a little embroidered sunset. I also tried to make this little shrug thing out of a pink long-sleeve T, but it didn't quite work...I expected some sacrifice, what with taking scissors to my T-shirts, so I wasn't too disappointed. Now I just have some pink fabric to lend to other projects. Anyway, various scraps from those projects went to the cat toy, which I stuffed with other scraps and a few pinches of catnip from those bags that always come with the cardboard scratchy things he likes. He's in love. He throws it around and chews on it and nuzzles it...exactly what he does with toys I purchase, but this way I wasn't creating more waste! Gotta love it.

To update you on health things...sleep is getting better...although the cat keeps doing random things like trying to open the cabinets at 5 am or running around like mad, but when he's not making noise I seem to be sleeping through the night. Yay for melatonin! Haven't gone in for follow up tummy stuff, that appointment is Tuesday. I went to my new chiropractor yesterday, he's really nice and he's awesome in that he actually tries to FIX the problem. As in, rather than just popping everything back in place and sending me on my way with a notification that I need to come back 3 times a week for the rest of my life...he works on loosening the muscles and THEN pops stuff back into place, and he taught me some stretches and stuff. So now the end goal is to make sure my muscles don't keep pulling me out of alignment all the time and I don't have to go back to him anymore. That's actually what my former chiropractor used to do (the only thing he didn't do was the stretches, but the goal was always to get me feeling better's just been a while and law school has done new and exciting things to my back...note the sarcasm) but he's in Portland...and I think he's retired. Although if I were still in Portland I would have just kept going back to his practice, probably just seeing his daughter instead (I used to substitute her a lot when he was on vacation or something) so really the retired thing isn't quite as significant.

I swear I had another broken thought...but it escaped me.

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KC (aka my mom)

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Bree said...

Whimsy got so bad with opening cabinets and drawers and pulling out all of their contents that I actually installed child locks on everything in my apartment...I feel your pain! haha

And we don't care what day your broken thoughts fall on. :)

Jenn said...

A broken thought is a broken thought no matter what day its written or read girl, just glad to hear all the great stuff going on yahoo!

I have been obsessed with trying out t-shirt stuff too! In fact I'm making almost all of my Halloween costume from t's. So what is the name of the book? Yea for not wasting!

Bridgete said...

Severus just makes noise with the cabinets, he never seems to get them open.

There are two books called Generation T...with various subtitles. I have the second one. I want the other one too, lol. They're really fun books and the patterns are so easy...they go up to difficulty 5, but I've done a 4 with no problems and I have very little sewing experience so I'm assuming the 5s aren't much harder. ;)

I know it doesn't matter what day I do the broken thoughts...I just had been trying to aim for Thursdays.