Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thoughts until finals are over...

I'm sitting in my last corporations class.  Yes, you'd think I should be paying attention.  Instead, for a while I was working on my outline for Basic Income Tax, then I was on Facebook, and now I'm blogging.  I can teach myself about hostile takeovers...along with most other stuff from this class...because the professor has been essentially useless.  After class, I'm off to the bookstore for the commercial outline keyed to our casebook.  Note that this is the first time I have EVER purchased a commercial outline.  Yep, that's how bad the professor is.  It's weird, because I had him for contracts and he was fine.  Oh well.  I at least know from contracts that he's a fair grader, and 1/2 the exam is multiple choice...knowing him, probably drawn directly from CALI lessons.  And I have until next Thursday to study.

Basic Income Tax exam is on Monday.  I was concerned that my treatment of the class as an easy grade for me because of all my experience might have actually been too flippant...but now that I've started my outline, I'm once again confident that I'll be fine.

Sec. 1983 Litigation is completely over.  Our final was a group project, which involved putting together a complaint claiming some civil rights violations and writing a very simple memo that basically just explained our reasoning for who we were suing, what claims we'd bring, etc.

Nonprofit organizations is really the bane of my existence right now, because I have to squeeze in finishing my 15-page paper among studying for tax and corporations. I'm thinking of mixing in most of the work on that this weekend...maybe Saturday I'll take a break from tax, work on the paper all day, then go back to tax on Sunday so that it's fresh in my mind on Monday.  We'll see.  I'll figure something out and get it done.

Do I have any OTHER thoughts not about the end of the quarter?  Not really.  Oh!  Except now my landlord's uncle IS living with me.  He moved in this weekend.  lol.  Yeah, I know, back and forth craziness.  But he's actually there now so it's obviously more settled.  Well, actually he was only there Sunday night through Monday afternoon, then he went back to NY to be with his wife for a couple days, and he's coming back today for...I dunno, a day or so?  Yay for part-time roommates!  So, anyway...the roughly 24 hours he was there was all fine, so I'm sure it won't be a problem.

I've made an itinerary for when my dad's here for Thanksgiving.  Seriously.  He arrives Wednesday, we're going to take his stuff to my house then go to a restaurant in Quincy for dinner.  Thursday is obviously Thanksgiving, we're doing something with Jenn and Matt.  Friday we're going to the MFA and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum because we didn't have time to go when he was here last year, then we have reservations at a restaurant on Newbury St.  He doesn't know we have reservations...but we do...haha.  It's a restaurant in a price range that I can afford as long as I only go occasionally, so he won't have a problem with it.  Anyway, then on Saturday we're driving up to Salem to check it out (I haven't even been yet) and then we're going to a restaurant on the North Shore (same area as Salem) for some good lobster.  He does know about that restaurant...he's the one that suggested lobster, and I'm not about to say no.  I may be in New England, but it still tends to be out of my price range.  =)  Anyway, then he has to leave on Sunday, in the afternoon sometime, so I'm thinking maybe we'll find a place for brunch.

Okay, class ended, and I finished filling out my eval.  I'm going to save this and go buy my commercial outline.  I'll be back...

Okay, so the bookstore didn't have the one for my casebook, but I found something else not specifically keyed to any casebook that should work.  According to Amazon, the one keyed to my casebook isn't very good anyway.

Oh, I almost forgot!  I'm now part of a mock trial team!  Phi Alpha Delta, the international law fraternity, is holding a competition.  Well, that's the plan, they need at least 14 teams so we're crossing our fingers that enough teams will register by the deadline.  Anyway, so we formed our team yesterday and we're in the process of making sure we can get funding from the school for the entry fee, airfare, and hotel/food/etc.  Oh, did I mention it's in VEGAS?  Woo hoo!  I've never been.  Well, I was in the airport once...where there are slot machines...but I was 12 so I couldn't even enjoy that, lol.  So, as long as the school will give us funding and they get enough teams to actually hold the competition, I'm going!  Along with Megan, .  =)  I'm excited.  I mean, it's going to be a lot of work, but whatever, I'm still excited!

Alright, well, I shouldn't waste another minute of valuable study I'm going to get back to that.  See you next Saturday!
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