Friday, September 25, 2009

My head hurts.  I think it's my sinuses.  I'm claiming I don't have a seems to be working aside from the sinus headaches.

Today I bought a Jamba Juice at the brand-new location on my campus (one of the only two in the entire city of Boston...the other is on BU's campus) and then got to the law school building and promptly dropped the cup on the floor, spilling its contents everywhere.  I'd hardly had two sips.  =(  I guess Jamba was not in my stars today.  I considered going back and acting all sad about dropping it to see if they'd make me a new one for free, but I didn't want to walk across campus just to have them tell me they wouldn't.

Law school is really trying to kill me now.  Even though my schedule is less stressful, it seems my body is finally reacting to the stress of the past two years.  I have stomach issues, back pain, sleeping trouble, still getting migraines...hooray.  I went to the health center, we're dealing with things.  Have to keep a food journal and they ran blood tests for the stomach thing, I'm going back in two weeks.  We're trying melatonin for the sleep since the problem is both falling asleep and staying asleep...the other stuff was fine for falling asleep, but I still woke up at random times.  It's funny because I knew all about melatonin, I think I used it in high school, but for some reason I didn't think to use it now.  Anyway, it seems to be putting me to sleep right away, I have no idea if it's working for staying asleep though.  I've only used it for the last few nights and unfortunately the cat has decided to be noisy in the middle of the night all those nights so I can't tell if I'm waking up from him or from my sleep problem.  But I have until my follow-up appointment in a couple weeks to figure out which it is and if it's not working then we'll try something else.  Oh, and I'm going to a chiropractor on Monday so I should be feeling better soon there too.

 I think that's about as much thought process as you're going to get out of me this week.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

A Friday Full of Broken Thoughts

I keep forgetting to link other BTP-ers!  So before I forget they are:

KC (aka my mom)

So, now that that's done, on with the post!

Apparently Raytheon has decided that even interns get PTO.  Which I didn't know about...until I got the check from them cashing it out since I don't work there anymore.  Woo, random $300 I didn't expect!

I finally bought a new laptop battery (mainly because of the above windfall) and it should be here in just a few days!  Yay!  My laptop will be officially portable again!  No more of this waiting for it to hibernate before I unplug it when class is over!  Yeah, it was that bad.  If I unplugged it before it was at least hibernating, it would tell me I shut down improperly.  The computer now says "no battery detected" because it's so dead.  Oh, and I got the battery for about half the price from Laptop Battery Depot.  I went to the site because of...get this...someone's review on DELL'S website!  It was one of those "yeah, thanks Dell, your battery sucks, your computer sucks, I hate you" reviews, but hey, it helped me out!  Even more awesome than the half-price deal is that these batteries have a 45-day money back guarantee and an automatic 2-year warranty.  Way better than Dell can offer.  Hooray!

So there's been a crime ring at the law school the past couple weeks.  Someone coming in with bolt cutters, cutting locks off lockers, and stealing stuff.  Mostly casebooks, which sounds odd, but they'd sell for a lot on Amazon so it's not exactly surprising.  People don't normally leave valuables in their lockers because we all know it really isn't THAT hard to break a lock if you have the opportunity and the tools, but one person did lose a laptop and a wallet.  Anyway, it got really bad, a bunch of people got hit (not me, luckily) and now we actually have security guards posted in the locker rooms until a better solution can be found.  No ideas whether it's an inside or outside job...anyone can just waltz into the law school, and it's sitting RIGHT next to Roxbury, so it's probably an outsider, but you never know.  There's talk of some kind of card access system for the building...some people suggested that for just the locker areas too (there are already doors on one of them, and you could easily install some doors on the other one).  Anyway, so that's been the excitement of the week.

So landlord's uncle (Howie...Herbie...something...yes, I forgot already) came by to meet me the other day.  It will be totally fine.  I have a great people sense and I got no creepy feelings from him, he's nice, he's funny, and he's bringing a table and chairs!  Kevin (landlord) actually was the one who brought up the table and chairs, he was here a little before...let's say Howie for now...and said he liked what I've done with the place (he hadn't been in here since before Vanessa and I moved in) and I said thanks, but that I wished I had a table (the one we had was Vanessa's).  So then Howie gets here and he's asking if I need anything and Kevin says "she could use a table."  lol.  So I'm set with a table now, yay.  More plates and cereal bowls will also be coming...since I only have four of each.  Not exactly enough for two people...and not enough to fill the dishwasher either, which has been quite annoying ever since Vanessa left.  So anyway, I'm glad it's not going to be weird.  I trusted my landlord not to set me up with someone who would make me uncomfortable, but now I have my own instincts to work with too...I trust those more.  Anyway, it's still just me (and Severus) for a few more weeks.

Speaking of Severus...his water dish is getting empty and the fountain motor (yes, he has a fountain water dish) is making burbly noises at me.  I guess I should deal with that, it's rather annoying.  Off I go!
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Saturday, September 12, 2009 S...

I started writing this yesterday while at my wonderful work-study job...and then it was time to go home before I was done.  So I'm finishing now.

Second week of 3L year complete.  Still enjoying my classes, and I'm getting back into the swing of study habits.

I purchased my parking pass and driving to school is the ultimate in wonderfulness.  20 minutes to drive.  40 minutes to an hour to take the T, depending on what it feels like doing that day.  I'm all for taking care of the environment.  But when I have to carry 2 or 3 casebooks, plus my laptop, on a potentially crowded train (so I may have to stand with my casebooks and laptop) AND the T's only consistency is its inconsistency...driving just makes more sense.  Oh...and carrying 2 or 3 casebooks plus my laptop is too much for the 15-minute walk to the T station, and there's not a decent sidewalk for part of it so my rolling backpack doesn't work, so when I take the T I drive and park anyway.  This makes paying for the parking pass actually more cost-effective because there's a $5 fee for parking at the T that plus the cost for 3 monthly T passes is WAY more than the $240 I spent on the school parking pass for 3 months.

I've formed a plan for finding a job.  I've discussed it with people, they all think it's a great idea.  See, I've realized that part of the reason I was not all that disappointed when I didn't get any interviews for a summer associate position (which would have put me on the big firm track) is because I don't really WANT to work in a big firm.  Everything I've heard about the work environment is something I DON'T want to do.  I don't want to be cutthroat competitive, every person for him/herself.  I want to work WITH my co-workers, as a team, for a common cause.  Then, there aren't many government places I really want to work for.  I'm going to apply for the Mass. Attorney General's office because it's a good place to get a lot of experience.  Even though it's not exactly "tax" experience, they do deal with some tax matters.  Plus I can still open a solo tax practice later and people will think it's impressive that I've worked for the Mass. AG and they'll want to be my client.  Anyway.  The IRS isn't doing on-campus interviews for third-years at my school right now...but they are doing interviews for the summer program.  That makes me think my chances aren't great...I can apply outside of the on-campus interview system, but I can't rely on that.  I've been checking the Mass. Department of Revenue's website and they haven't been hiring any new attorneys for quite a while.  So that kind of kills any tax-specific government positions.  So what am I left with?  Small and medium firms, or in-house counsel.  Now the problem is...where do these places post these jobs?  Sometimes on your everyday job posting sites ( but I seem to remember hearing that there are sites specifically for legal job I need to visit the career center and find out where these sites are.

Once I find out where to look for jobs, it will be time to contact my really awesome contact in the realm of tax practice in Massachusetts.  The "top dog," as it were, at the Appellate Tax Board told me he'd write letters of recommendation for me whenever I need them.  This guy said he knows everyone...and in the internships following that one, I've learned that it may very well be true.  Even if he doesn't actually know everyone, a recommendation from someone like that is high praise indeed.  So, there's my plan.  Yes, the economy still sucks.  Yes, most places still have hiring freezes.  But that doesn't mean I can stop trying.  It actually means I have to try harder.  So that's what I'll do.  And, like one of my professors said, it's not like people are banging down the doors to practice tax law...but you always need tax lawyers.

Watching Mad Men the other day made me think about grandparents.  Since I want people to watch the show, I refuse to ruin any of the twists that come up, so I'll just leave it at that...those of you who watched it know what I'm talking about.  Anyway.  I ended up being very saddened at what I've missed out on in the realm of grandparents.  My mother's father died a short time before I was born.  From what I hear of him from my older cousins, as well as my mom and her siblings, I suspect he would have been that special grandparent.  The one who would have had a great relationship with me, who I would have loved to visit, who would have been overjoyed that I'm in law school and really making something of myself.  I don't get that from my remaining grandparents.  I have to earn their love and I don't think that's fair.  That's not what a grandparent should ask of their grandchild.  A grandchild should be loved no matter what.

Well, that's about all the thoughts I have this week.  Until next time!
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Saturday, September 5, 2009

I'm back!

Yep!  Back on Blogger, back in Boston, and back to school!

So I'm going to be living with my landlord's uncle.  Yeah, it sounds a little weird, but over this last year I've actually interacted with my landlord often enough to know that he's a nice, normal guy (actually he's the most awesome landlord ever) and when he asked what I thought he really made sure I felt comfortable with the whole idea.  He also said I can go to him if there's an issue I can't deal with and he'll take care of it.  I don't even have to deal with getting his rent payments, they'll deal with that on their own, so I just have to deal with cable and electric.  Anyway, so the uncle is moving up here from NY to work on starting a business here.  Sure, I might have preferred someone closer to my age, but at this point what's important to me is that I have someone paying half the rent on this place.  I LOVE this apartment and didn't want to be forced to move and it was looking like I might have to.  And this place is huge so we won't even really have to interact all that much if we don't want to.  So, anyway, at least that's settled.

At the moment I still live alone, I don't know exactly when he'll get here...sometime this month, I guess.  Landlord will let me know.  But I only had to pay my normal half of the rent for the month, so that's all I care about right now.  When Vanessa left she kept paying her half until her lease ended, by the way...did I say that?  Anyway, so the panic was really because her lease was up this the panic is gone.

So...I had a quiet visit to Portland.  I think most of the time I didn't leave the house, unless my mom and I did something after she got off work.  I spent a couple days at my dad's, we went out for his birthday, that was nice.  I saw Christen and a couple other close friends, but I didn't even try to see a lot of people.  I was just exhausted after this summer and needed to just sit at home, reading, watching TV, generally decompressing.

School started out well.  I like my classes, and I've decided to err on the side of sanity this quarter.  Only four classes and 13 credits.  Two of them are evening classes, once a week; one is on Tuesday and the other is on Thursday.  And I randomly have Mondays off...because it just happened that way.  AND my work-study job is working for CISP, which is basically this thing the law school does, we sell snacks, used books, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, school supplies, and other such things, and all the profits are allocated to people who have unfunded or underfunded internships.  There's a whole process for getting that allocation, it's not automatic, but it's cool, in any case.  Anyway, the reason having a job with them is cool is because it's the PERFECT work-study job.  It's the job I had hoped I could do in the library...15-30 minutes of actual work and the rest of my shift I'm getting paid to study.  =)

Oh, so if you want to know, I'm taking Basic Income Tax, Corporations, Non-Profit Organizations, and Section 1983 Litigation.  The first three are obvious...Section 1983 is...well, it's a section of the US code, and except for Bree the really thorough explanation will probably lose most of you.  So, I'll just say that it's a big thing in civil rights litigation, mainly for when civil rights have been violated by someone in an official capacity, like a police officer.  Clearly I'm not planning on doing any civil rights litigation, but it sounds like an interesting class, so why not?  It's being taught by a fairly prominent civil rights litigator in the Boston area, he's at the school solely to teach this class, so that's pretty cool too.

I realized the other day that since I had been gone for a little over two weeks, obviously I threw out what was left of my milk and cream before I had nothing for my coffee this week.  Luckily I'm actually willing to drink it black if necessary, but I made sure to run out today and get that stuff.  Also bread and bagels...although I forgot the cream cheese.  I have cereal for the weekend but on weekdays I don't like to take the time to have a bowl of cereal in the morning...a bagel can be transported, lol.  So I'll have to go out and get that sometime before Tuesday.

Well, I realize it's Saturday evening, AND I have Monday off (well, everyone does this week, but I always do), but I'm going to continue convincing myself I'd rather space my reading out over the weekend and at least make an effort to read something for class.  Oh, and my cat just crawled into my lap.  Hmm.  I think my books are nearby...or I'll snuggle with Severus for a few minutes and grab the books when he decides to move on.  Speaking of whom, I appreciate my cat so much more after dealing with either my mom's lap hog of a cat, or my dad's anti-lap cat.  Or, rather, his anti-anyone-but-my-dad cat.  My Severus is just right.  =)
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