Saturday, September 5, 2009

I'm back!

Yep!  Back on Blogger, back in Boston, and back to school!

So I'm going to be living with my landlord's uncle.  Yeah, it sounds a little weird, but over this last year I've actually interacted with my landlord often enough to know that he's a nice, normal guy (actually he's the most awesome landlord ever) and when he asked what I thought he really made sure I felt comfortable with the whole idea.  He also said I can go to him if there's an issue I can't deal with and he'll take care of it.  I don't even have to deal with getting his rent payments, they'll deal with that on their own, so I just have to deal with cable and electric.  Anyway, so the uncle is moving up here from NY to work on starting a business here.  Sure, I might have preferred someone closer to my age, but at this point what's important to me is that I have someone paying half the rent on this place.  I LOVE this apartment and didn't want to be forced to move and it was looking like I might have to.  And this place is huge so we won't even really have to interact all that much if we don't want to.  So, anyway, at least that's settled.

At the moment I still live alone, I don't know exactly when he'll get here...sometime this month, I guess.  Landlord will let me know.  But I only had to pay my normal half of the rent for the month, so that's all I care about right now.  When Vanessa left she kept paying her half until her lease ended, by the way...did I say that?  Anyway, so the panic was really because her lease was up this the panic is gone.

So...I had a quiet visit to Portland.  I think most of the time I didn't leave the house, unless my mom and I did something after she got off work.  I spent a couple days at my dad's, we went out for his birthday, that was nice.  I saw Christen and a couple other close friends, but I didn't even try to see a lot of people.  I was just exhausted after this summer and needed to just sit at home, reading, watching TV, generally decompressing.

School started out well.  I like my classes, and I've decided to err on the side of sanity this quarter.  Only four classes and 13 credits.  Two of them are evening classes, once a week; one is on Tuesday and the other is on Thursday.  And I randomly have Mondays off...because it just happened that way.  AND my work-study job is working for CISP, which is basically this thing the law school does, we sell snacks, used books, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, school supplies, and other such things, and all the profits are allocated to people who have unfunded or underfunded internships.  There's a whole process for getting that allocation, it's not automatic, but it's cool, in any case.  Anyway, the reason having a job with them is cool is because it's the PERFECT work-study job.  It's the job I had hoped I could do in the library...15-30 minutes of actual work and the rest of my shift I'm getting paid to study.  =)

Oh, so if you want to know, I'm taking Basic Income Tax, Corporations, Non-Profit Organizations, and Section 1983 Litigation.  The first three are obvious...Section 1983 is...well, it's a section of the US code, and except for Bree the really thorough explanation will probably lose most of you.  So, I'll just say that it's a big thing in civil rights litigation, mainly for when civil rights have been violated by someone in an official capacity, like a police officer.  Clearly I'm not planning on doing any civil rights litigation, but it sounds like an interesting class, so why not?  It's being taught by a fairly prominent civil rights litigator in the Boston area, he's at the school solely to teach this class, so that's pretty cool too.

I realized the other day that since I had been gone for a little over two weeks, obviously I threw out what was left of my milk and cream before I had nothing for my coffee this week.  Luckily I'm actually willing to drink it black if necessary, but I made sure to run out today and get that stuff.  Also bread and bagels...although I forgot the cream cheese.  I have cereal for the weekend but on weekdays I don't like to take the time to have a bowl of cereal in the morning...a bagel can be transported, lol.  So I'll have to go out and get that sometime before Tuesday.

Well, I realize it's Saturday evening, AND I have Monday off (well, everyone does this week, but I always do), but I'm going to continue convincing myself I'd rather space my reading out over the weekend and at least make an effort to read something for class.  Oh, and my cat just crawled into my lap.  Hmm.  I think my books are nearby...or I'll snuggle with Severus for a few minutes and grab the books when he decides to move on.  Speaking of whom, I appreciate my cat so much more after dealing with either my mom's lap hog of a cat, or my dad's anti-lap cat.  Or, rather, his anti-anyone-but-my-dad cat.  My Severus is just right.  =)
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Bree said...

I love that we're kind of on the same schedule and we're on different sides of the world. Good to have you back! :D

KC McAuley said...

Yes Sol is a lap hog. He's just now left mine for the first time in 2 hours.

Glad you have a roommate - and all your classes are to your liking.


Jenn said...

Great news that the roomie situation is all settled, it would have been a total bummer if you had to move, especially under the pressure of mid semester. How old is the uncle?

Excellent schedule and job for this semester, maybe you will be able to breathe a little more often. Regardless though, I'm glad you enjoyed your geographic space in Portland.

Let's make plans soon :-)

Bridgete said...

The uncle is like, 60-something, but according to Kevin (landlord) he's an "active" 60-something, which makes me think of my favorite uncle.

@Jenn, yes, we'll definitely make plans. I wrote back on FB...didn't I? Or did I start the message for the 500th time and then get interrupted for the 500th time? Anyway...yeah, you should at least come by sometime soon. Even if Mr. Uncle (it'll be nice when I know his name, lol) is there by then, his room is the 3rd floor and the living room is the 1st floor so the sound shouldn't carry. This apartment really doesn't carry sound well anyway, I could never hear Vanessa and vice-versa, even when we were both in our rooms and only one floor apart.