Monday, March 9, 2009


OMG. 5 classes. 15 credits. What did I do?

Maybe I'm only feeling overwhelmed because I'm so tired today.  You know, losing an hour to DST then following it up with 4 classes in one day probably isn't the best combination.

I at least have a partially awesome, partially not awesome schedule.  The awesome is that I have no class on Tuesday or Friday, and only one on Thursday, which starts at 3:40 pm.  The not awesome is that I have 4 classes on Monday and 5 on Wednesday.  But I guess it does balance out more towards the awesomeness, because:  a) I won't get too sleep deprived since I only have to get up early 2 days a week and b) I won't be wasting nearly as much study time getting to and from school when I only have to go 3 days a week.

It's still a little insane though.  I only meant to take 4 classes, which would have been 12 credits.  What happened, you ask?  Well, I got wait-listed for trial practice.  So my contingency plan was to sign up for international law (which is an open enrollment class - i.e. no wait-list) and then at least if I didn't get off the waitlist for trial practice, I would already know what I was taking instead to make sure I still qualified as a full-time student.

So.  I went to the first day of international law.  Turns out, it's really interesting.  And then I got off the wait-list for trial practice.  Which I wasn't about to drop even though I now wanted to take international too.  Hence...15 credits.

I suppose I COULD have dropped one of my other classes.  But those were all the ones I'd originally wanted to take.  Why would I do a crazy thing like drop one of them?

Anyway.  So regarding the fact that I have a work-study award as part of my money for...well, you living.  Well, I decided that unless I got a research assistant position with one of the law professors (which would be flexible enough that I could arrange my schedule week-to-week based on when I need to study) I wasn't going to be able to deal with even the few hours a work-study job would give me PLUS the 15 credits.  So I tried to get a research assistant position.  Almost had one, but the professor gave it to someone else.  I've never been in a class with this professor so it's not like a personal insult, the other person was probably just more qualified.  So when that didn't pan out, I went to financial aid, told them I don't think I can possibly handle using my work-study and if there was a way to turn it down and just borrow that much more in loans.  They said it was no problem.  So, yay.

Well.  I have to eat before choir.  Speaking of which, I'm so glad rehearsals are only once a week.  And since I don't have class on Tuesdays, there is no reason I would ever be studying on a Monday night anyway, so why not go sing my troubles away for a couple hours?  =)

Hopefully, I won't be MIA from bloggy-land too often.  If I'll know why.
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