Monday, May 31, 2010


Well...I graduated.  And now I have to prep for the bar.  So...I'm done, but not done.  But graduation was a great day.  I really did work hard to get there, so even though I now have more work ahead of me, I still feel good about what I've accomplished so far.

All the lawyers here call the state "Pass-achusetts", so I'm hoping that means I shouldn't be concerned.  But it's still going to be two more months of intense studying...Pass-achusetts or not, I have to study for it.  The only reason so many people pass here is because of how Mass deals with the scoring -- rather than say you failed because you just missed the mark on one part of it (essay or multiple choice), if you can make up for it on the other part and your overall score is good enough, you pass.

In spite of how busy I'm going to be, apparently I have a date...sometime this week.  We haven't made the official plan, but he's been texting me and stuff so I don't think he's going to forget about me, lol.  I met him last night, he's a friend of Vanessa's...or maybe a friend of one of her friends.  Whatever.  He's nice and interesting, and he seems intelligent.  He's a paramedic, which is pretty cool (and with how often I like to hit my head/sprain my ankle/otherwise injure myself, that could be useful, lol).  And when he asked me to dinner, I warned him that I'm not one of those girls who just eats a salad at dinner and he told me he thinks that's hot, lol.  I'll just have to warn him that I may be short on time, especially at the end of July.  I have this tendency to meet guys when I'm not looking for one because I'm going to be busy or I'm moving across the country or something, so I've learned to just go with it.

Oh!  Part of commencement week was a scavenger hunt all over Boston.  It was on Tuesday, which was, of course, the hottest day EVER.  Okay, not ever, but it got up to like, 90.  Anyway, so my team didn't win, we ran out of steam (and so did Abby, Amanda's chihuahua) so we didn't get nearly as much stuff as some of the other teams.  BUT, we ended up winning most creative with our interpretations for the photo requirements, so we still each got a $15 iTunes gift card, woo!

Well, I think that's about it.  I might be back to complain about bar studying, but I'm not sure.  I'll at least try to keep you all posted on the new boy.
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

And you all thought I'd fallen off the edge of the world...

Nope, I'm right here.

I suppose all the readers I know about are also my FB friends...or at least email buddies (hi Nikki!), so you're probably all aware that I didn't actually fall off the edge of the world.  But, regardless, I guess it's time for a post.

Let's see, where did I leave you?  Oh, right, okay, so I've had two choir concerts since last time.  The March one was the fun one, and I got to be part of a group of 10 singers doing "California Dreamin'", so that was a blast.  If you'd like to see that (and the rest of the concert), the whole thing can be found on YouTube here.  Then our May concert was actually just this last Sunday.  For that, we did Brahms' Requiem.  It went pretty well, except that about halfway through, apparently some little old lady complained about being cold, so they shut all the windows in the church...nearly killing half the soprano section (those high notes can really make a person light-headed), as well as a few members of the other sections.  I'm surprised I wasn't among those who almost fainted...I'm prone to overheating, AND I'm a soprano.  Anyway...I mean, I'm all for making sure the audience isn't freezing, but there has to be a better solution than nearly killing the performers.  Perhaps by shutting SOME of the windows and finding a Snuggie for the little old lady.

So, that's choir.  What else?  Oh, the roomie and I are getting along swimmingly.  When he's home in the evenings (only Sunday-Tuesday right now because he works in a restaurant) we've taken to sitting in the living room instead of retiring to our separate bedrooms right after dinner.  Severus seems to like the company in the daytime, too, so it's good all around.  Oh, and he's still cooking and being helpful with cleaning and such...and still doesn't seem to mind my little OCD things.  He just puts stuff where I tell him it goes and that's that.

The job search is still pretty fruitless...but I'm staying calm only because I have that possible back-up plan from my 4th internship.  A couple weeks ago I mailed in some stuff for what I've been calling the perfect job -- it's a Junior Tax Attorney position at a small, tax-only firm...and they do litigation as well as transactional stuff, so I wouldn't have to give up on getting to litigate just to do tax law!  So, we'll see how that goes, I'm crossing my fingers.  And I'm checking postings on a weekly basis just to see what's there. 

As for school...I'm in my last week of classes, next week is finals, and then the following week is grad week, culminating in commencement on the 28th.  It's so close...but it hasn't really hit me yet.  I think it might have something to do with the bar exam looming just after.  I'm done, but I'm not really done.  This would be why the celebratory graduation trip to Paris is in August.  Well, that and the fact that BarBri starts the week after graduation.  For some, it starts the week OF graduation, but I happened to sign up for the video lectures as opposed to the live ones.  Not planned, I just wanted to take the evening class...for two reasons.  One, now I get to lay by the pool with my BarBri books piled around me during the day, and two, it really fits better with my studying style, because I know I won't study AFTER going to a class in the morning, but I will study before.  Especially if I isolate myself at the pool with no facebook or TV.  You'd think all that water might distract a swimmer like myself, but I know from experience that the pool at my apartment isn't really all that warm, so it feels great for about 5 minutes on a really hot day, then I get cold and have to get out and warm up in the sun again.

Speaking of Paris...the trip itself is all paid for, and money from family members has started to appear in my registry on for spending purposes once my mom and I are there, so that's exciting.  I've been practicing my French -- a friend at school went to Switzerland for one of her internships so we had a "French Lunch" last week.  I held my own pretty well...she definitely had to remind me of a few words, and my verb conjugations in actual conversation could use some work (meaning, I know how to conjugate the verb for the pronoun I just used, but I have to think a bit too long about it) but I certainly did better than I thought I would, so that was great.

Umm...oh!  My 27th birthday came and went.  The Boston party was a blast, as was the birthday weekend in DC.  Although getting on a plane twice in 4 days gave me a cold, and then right on the heels of that the pollen count in Boston jumped to record levels (according to various sources), and the pollen in spring is the kind of pollen I'm particularly allergic to, so I've been sniffly, stuffy, and sneezy ever since.  But I still had a good birthday so that's what counts!  =)

Well, I think that's about all the time we have today.  I'll try to write again sometime around graduation...before I start drowning in bar prep.
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