Monday, March 9, 2009


OMG. 5 classes. 15 credits. What did I do?

Maybe I'm only feeling overwhelmed because I'm so tired today.  You know, losing an hour to DST then following it up with 4 classes in one day probably isn't the best combination.

I at least have a partially awesome, partially not awesome schedule.  The awesome is that I have no class on Tuesday or Friday, and only one on Thursday, which starts at 3:40 pm.  The not awesome is that I have 4 classes on Monday and 5 on Wednesday.  But I guess it does balance out more towards the awesomeness, because:  a) I won't get too sleep deprived since I only have to get up early 2 days a week and b) I won't be wasting nearly as much study time getting to and from school when I only have to go 3 days a week.

It's still a little insane though.  I only meant to take 4 classes, which would have been 12 credits.  What happened, you ask?  Well, I got wait-listed for trial practice.  So my contingency plan was to sign up for international law (which is an open enrollment class - i.e. no wait-list) and then at least if I didn't get off the waitlist for trial practice, I would already know what I was taking instead to make sure I still qualified as a full-time student.

So.  I went to the first day of international law.  Turns out, it's really interesting.  And then I got off the wait-list for trial practice.  Which I wasn't about to drop even though I now wanted to take international too.  Hence...15 credits.

I suppose I COULD have dropped one of my other classes.  But those were all the ones I'd originally wanted to take.  Why would I do a crazy thing like drop one of them?

Anyway.  So regarding the fact that I have a work-study award as part of my money for...well, you living.  Well, I decided that unless I got a research assistant position with one of the law professors (which would be flexible enough that I could arrange my schedule week-to-week based on when I need to study) I wasn't going to be able to deal with even the few hours a work-study job would give me PLUS the 15 credits.  So I tried to get a research assistant position.  Almost had one, but the professor gave it to someone else.  I've never been in a class with this professor so it's not like a personal insult, the other person was probably just more qualified.  So when that didn't pan out, I went to financial aid, told them I don't think I can possibly handle using my work-study and if there was a way to turn it down and just borrow that much more in loans.  They said it was no problem.  So, yay.

Well.  I have to eat before choir.  Speaking of which, I'm so glad rehearsals are only once a week.  And since I don't have class on Tuesdays, there is no reason I would ever be studying on a Monday night anyway, so why not go sing my troubles away for a couple hours?  =)

Hopefully, I won't be MIA from bloggy-land too often.  If I'll know why.
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ginger said...

i'm tired just reading this...ugh is right! i'm glad you were able to make a small adjustment to keep from having to do more though.

i just caught up on your other two posts i hadn't read yet. you DO have the cutest kitty ever and yay stick shift!!

what year is the sentra? those are great cars.

Jenn said...

I'm with Ginger, surprised I can even come up with a comment at all. Holy crap girl! Choir will definitely give you that really nice break to the week from hard core studying though so that is a blessing.

How many weeks do classes go again? If anyone can pull it off though it is you! Of course you know this means we are not getting together until fall lol ;P

Bridgete said...

I believe the Sentra is a 99. They definitely are great cars.

Classes only go 11 weeks, Jenn, so I'm SURE I'll see you before fall. I have plenty of time in the summer when I'm on my internship rotation. And I'm still singing in the May concert you're planning on attending! =)

kate said...

my brain aches in empathy - it sounds like christmas/valentines in the chocolate kitchen, only with no candy......

wv: singedn - an drunken encore request