Friday, September 25, 2009

My head hurts.  I think it's my sinuses.  I'm claiming I don't have a seems to be working aside from the sinus headaches.

Today I bought a Jamba Juice at the brand-new location on my campus (one of the only two in the entire city of Boston...the other is on BU's campus) and then got to the law school building and promptly dropped the cup on the floor, spilling its contents everywhere.  I'd hardly had two sips.  =(  I guess Jamba was not in my stars today.  I considered going back and acting all sad about dropping it to see if they'd make me a new one for free, but I didn't want to walk across campus just to have them tell me they wouldn't.

Law school is really trying to kill me now.  Even though my schedule is less stressful, it seems my body is finally reacting to the stress of the past two years.  I have stomach issues, back pain, sleeping trouble, still getting migraines...hooray.  I went to the health center, we're dealing with things.  Have to keep a food journal and they ran blood tests for the stomach thing, I'm going back in two weeks.  We're trying melatonin for the sleep since the problem is both falling asleep and staying asleep...the other stuff was fine for falling asleep, but I still woke up at random times.  It's funny because I knew all about melatonin, I think I used it in high school, but for some reason I didn't think to use it now.  Anyway, it seems to be putting me to sleep right away, I have no idea if it's working for staying asleep though.  I've only used it for the last few nights and unfortunately the cat has decided to be noisy in the middle of the night all those nights so I can't tell if I'm waking up from him or from my sleep problem.  But I have until my follow-up appointment in a couple weeks to figure out which it is and if it's not working then we'll try something else.  Oh, and I'm going to a chiropractor on Monday so I should be feeling better soon there too.

 I think that's about as much thought process as you're going to get out of me this week.

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kate said...

Here's to feeling better soon! Sorry about the jamba they make the pumpkin smoothie up there?

Jenn said...

Oh boo! Health stuff is so sucky, I hope everything is figured out and worked out soon. Have you tried valerian root for sleeping?