Friday, October 9, 2009

Some a process...perhaps broken, perhaps not.

So...biggest update for today...all the fun health stuff I mentioned a couple weeks ago.  Mostly the tummy stuff because I think I updated the other stuff last week.  So.  Here's the deal.  I went back on Tuesday for my follow-up.  Every single lab test came back normal.  Absolutely, positively, completely, perfectly normal...not even a hint of something that wasn't completely abnormal but wasn't completely normal either.  Fantastic, right?  Well, sorta.  I'm happy I can still eat bread and all other glutinous substances.  But...what the hell IS wrong?  We think it is stress-related...even though in my little food journal I kept saying my stress was low, or at the most moderate...we have to remember that I am a law student and my baseline stress level may be a little higher than most.  So while I may evaluate it as low, it's just low for me.  Combine that with the fact that mentally I handle stress very well, and we have a problem in that my body seems to be reacting to stress I don't even really know I have.  Ugh.  My only idea is to try probiotics, like this stuff Ginger mentioned in a recent post.  So...that's where things stand with that...I'll keep you posted.

The melatonin is still helping me sleep...I think.  The last two nights I woke up in the middle of the night, but I was also excessively warm both times.  I think I put my comforter on my bed too early...but a couple weeks ago it was cold enough for it.  Mother Nature just needs to make up her mind.  I don't really want to get out my lighter quilt that I just washed and put away just to switch back to the comforter again in a couple weeks.  Maybe I'll just crack a window...but that might be TOO cold.  Hmm...

Oh, I have to's almost time for work.

Okay, I moved.  And I'm eating a mini pizza.  Mmmmm...

The strangest thing happened to me the other day.  I was walking through campus, and this group of undergrads (or maybe high school seniors...I'm finding I can't tell the difference anymore) were walking the opposite way.  I was on a little sidewalk thing and they were in the middle of a service road.  All of a sudden one of them came up to the edge of the sidewalk, jumped sideways with BOTH FEET to land right in front of me, which of course stopped me in my tracks, and just said, "Hello."  I raised my eyebrow, said, "hiiiiii...." and then went around him.  And that was it.  People are weird.

Yay, four-day weekend!  Yes, I know it's three for everyone else, but I get four.  The school decided Tuesday is a Monday schedule (we miss a disproportionate amount of Mondays in the fall quarter because the school observes Jewish holidays too) and I don't have classes on Mondays, so I get an extra day!  Hmm...what to do with my time?  Oh...I  =P

It's so quiet here on Friday afternoon.  The only regularly scheduled class block is from 10-12 or something like that (mine starts at 10:30 but some start earlier) and the rest of the blocks are for make-up classes.  So most people either don't have class, or they only have the one and then they go home or out of town or something.

Hey look...I've been dawdling and talking with my co-worker and now I get to leave in 1/2 an hour!  And then I get to go to my chiropractor, yay!

I'm gonna wrap this up now.  Visit the others!

KC (aka my mom)
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kate said...

3 day weekend? Huh.....not for us. Glad your tests came back ok - maybe yoga or tai chi would help :)

Bridgete said...

I think Columbus Day is a bigger thing on the east coast. I never used to have it off, in K-12 or college or work or anything. And even here, I only know what my school does, not the rest of the area. So really, by "everyone else" I meant my fellow law students. ;)

ginger said...

i have a friend who works in waltham and he gets columbus day off too. the only people out here who get it are bankers and postal workers...a few state/county employees too.

i love the good belly, i hope it works for you. the mango juice is really good, i don't know if i said that already or not. it took about a week for me to start noticing a difference.

i used to take this stuff called 5htp that is the chemical precursor to serotonin in the brain. it helped me sleep and improved my mood too...if you get tired of the melatonin.

Jenn said...

Good to hear the tests are normal but still weirdness occurring is well weird. Maybe now that your sleep is becomming more regulated it will help with your overall body stuff. Hope so!

The randomness of people sure is ammusing sometimes lol.

Matt is working Monday & he works in finance. His boss is Jewish though & observes all of the holidays so he said they have to work (even though they will get nothing done because no one is open). Oh well!

Bree said...

For what it's worth, I've been taking probiotics for about nine months now and I totally notice a difference. I've had a stress ulcer since my junior year of high school, and it hasn't hurt once, not even during the bar exam, since I started the probiotics.

If you want to sleep with your window cracked, I have three words for you: Heated. Mattress. Pad.

Undergrad jumping guy probably thought you were hawt!

Bridgete said...

Ooh, that's encouraging, thanks Bree! I haven't managed to pick up the Good Belly juice, I need to get myself to Whole Foods. It's silly that I haven't gotten there yet, there's one really close to the school.