Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Broken Thoughts a little early this week...

To start, last week I forgot to mention that Howie is now not moving in.  So I'm hunting for a roommate yet again.  But don't worry, my landlord said that Howie agreed to pay for November and December so it's not panic mode yet.  And my landlord is helping me find someone else, he contacted the broker he used before (the one he found Vanessa and I through) which will hopefully work better than the postings I was able to do.  In the meantime, if I hear of anyone who needs a room I'll see if they want it, lol.

So, let's weekend was interesting.  Saturday afternoon, I'm in my apartment, minding my own business, when the alarm system I have never used since I moved in starts beeping.  So, I go try to figure out how to make it shut up.  I thought I remembered the code my landlord gave me, so I tried entering what I thought it was, since I knew it was something fairly simple.  When the first attempt didn't work, I tried some other fairly simple combinations.  Well, eventually, either I played with it too much or it was beeping for too long because all of a sudden the actual alarm went off.  Loudly.  It traumatized the cat and I had to leave the apartment to even hear myself think.  I called my landlord, he didn't answer.  I called the number for the alarm company, they didn't answer (I think it was just the customer service line, I didn't have any other phone numbers for them).  Then I went inside, braved the deafening noise, and opened the cabinet thing that basically runs the alarm to see if there was some kind of button in there.  I didn't find anything, but eventually I managed to touch something on the computer chip I found in there that made it stop the full alarm sound.  It resumed beeping.  And then that stopped on its own.  And then, finally, my landlord called back and gave me the code.  So I put that in for good measure and it hasn't done anything since.

Anyway, later on Saturday, I went out with Jenn and Matt to see this band, The Grownup Noise.  That was a lot of fun, the band was great, I now have their first album.  And Matt showed me how to drive from school AROUND the freeway to get home, so when there's bad traffic I can just do the back roads now.  Hooray!  The only downside is that for some reason Jenn and I were both hungover the next day.  We each only had 3 drinks!  I decided there must have been something in the air there because there is no POSSIBLE way that only 3 of my standard drink would give me that much of a hangover...and I think the same thing goes for Jenn.  Especially since we'd both had food before going to the bar.

So then, on Sunday, I get in the car to go to school and work on a group project, and I turn the key, and...nothing.  I mean absolutely nothing, not even a noise that means the car is trying to start but the battery is dead.  So I try again, and again, and again...and it finally did start (yes, I am aware this sounds like a starter problem) so I went to my meeting.  When I went to go back home it didn't do it again, but I called the mechanic on Monday anyway because obviously something is wrong.  I took the car in on Tuesday and they couldn't make it do it again.  They said it's probably the starter, but since they couldn't make it do it again they asked if I wanted to just go ahead and replace it then, or if I wanted to wait until it's more consistent so that they can be sure.  I decided to wait...even though it seems pretty obvious that's the problem, I'd hate to assume that's it, spend all that money, and then have it be something else entirely.  So anyway, I went and picked up the car (yes, it continued to start) and then this morning it did it again.  Why couldn't it do that yesterday!?  lol.  Anyway, once again it did eventually start and I left for school.  So...we'll see what happens when I try to go home.

So.  That was my weekend.  Exciting, no?

In other news...Monday we had solo auditions for choir, so I tried out.  The director didn't get back to us right away, but I feel like I did pretty well.  I'll let you know when I hear more.  =)

Speaking of choir, I'm really making friends with the ladies I sit by now.  We all sit in the back row, so of course when the sopranos aren't singing we're back there talking and giggling.  And when we are singing, half the time we're laughing at ourselves/each other when we do something weird like make up our own notes or jump the rhythm or something.  Just like high school  I guess some things don't change no matter how old you are.

I have 3 papers due in a span of like, 5 days.  I decided not to go to my classes yesterday so I could work on them.  Two of them are for the same class...but thankfully once those are done, I don't have any more work to do for that class.  The other one actually can just be a rough outline of what I've discovered in my research, without fleshing it out...based on the assumption that I spent all my time in between turning in the paper proposal and the due date of the rough outline doing research.  Which, in reality means...this weekend...haha.  Anyway, the final version of that paper is due at the end of the quarter, which is why this version only has to be a rough sketch.

So, on that note...I should post this and start working on my papers again.  I was taking a much-needed break from writing about strip searches and when they violate the 4th amendment.  Fun, right?  =P

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KC (aka my mom)
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kate said...

Commiserations on all the papers. My sister/friend Laura just started seminary, and was shocked to find out how much reading and paper writing is involved. She has a couple to several 10-30 page papers almost every week. Bleh.

KC McAuley said...

You didn't tell me about the roommate!! least you're not stranded money-wise...and it just means that someone better is out there. :) I really have to get to my own posting. Haven't written in a couple of weeks. LOVE YOU!

Bridgete said...

Mom, I know, I totally spaced it. I think because I'm NOT stranded money-wise, it's not really at the forefront of my mind, lol. And yes, you do need to get to posting...I'm sure sometimes you forget stuff too. =) Love you too!

Jenn said...

Woah, that's'a'lotta papers girl ;-] Good luck getting all of it done but you are a tough cookie, I have no doubt you will! We have a party tonight, I am stopping after 2 beers this time just in case haha! Had a blast though, glad you're liking the cd.