Friday, June 5, 2009

Okay. It can stop now.

My car broke again on Saturday. After already breaking the week before and getting fixed. I'm selling it and getting something else. I'm just tired of it. I don't even care that I'll get less money by selling it "as is" than if it were working.

But then there was more drama. Had to get to my first day of work on Monday and then work out a plan for transportation from there. Because, of course, I'm working outside of the city and there's no good method of transportation between the commuter rail station and the office. So I was going to rent a car for Monday then talk to people so that I wouldn't have to do that for too long. But then I went to rent a car, and when they went to run a credit check they apparently couldn't find my SSN at Equifax. A bit disconcerting. Even though I made her do it three times, I still suspect that she just did something wrong, maybe at one of the points where she was just entering various codes that had nothing to do with me. But anyway, it was a little weird to basically be told I don't exist.

So then the issue was, once again, how in the hell do I get to work? But, luckily, Amanda was going to be driving down the exact same highway to go to her first day of work so she was able to drop me off Monday morning and then pick me up after. But, that meant sleeping on her couch. Which meant I was EXHAUSTED on my first day. And I didn't really catch up throughout the week so I'm still rather tired.

Oh, and as for getting to work until my car situation is settled, I'm taking the train to the commuter rail and then the other intern is picking me up from the commuter rail. Then to get home he actually just drives me to Cambridge and I catch the regular subway from there because the commuter rail trains that leave in the evening are either 5:42 or 7:40. So we decided to just completely avoid the whole mess of trying to rush to get there in time for the first train.

So, anyway. That's the end of the car stuff at the moment.

But wait. There's more. When I got home from work tonight, I discovered that my cat was having litter box issues. He'd go in, try to pee, meow about it, then leave the box. Then he'd go back a few minutes later and try again. And back and forth. This can be a VERY bad thing for a cat, it can indicate that there's a blockage in their urethra preventing them from going at all. So I had to rush him to the animal hospital. And, due to the lack of car, I had to do this in a cab. So when I called the first thing I asked was if it's okay if I bring the cat in the cab. Actually, I said something that was just a rush of panic and upset, the operator had to ask me to repeat myself, and then I just said "my cat is sick" and she just said, "That's fine, he can go in the cab" and then got one sent out and just basically took care of it. I actually really love the cab company in my little suburb, they're always so nice. And the guy she sent out was fine with the yowling cat in the back. We just chatted about this and that all the way there, which was good, it kept me distracted.

Anyway, so the vet said there was no blockage, which is good. Unfortunately, his bladder was empty so they couldn't run any urine tests. They asked if I wanted to leave him for a few hours while they gave him some fluids to hopefully build up some pee, and I explained that I had to go back in a cab and then would have to come back and then go home again the same way, so they just decided to send me home with a sedative to help him just generally relax so that the muscles around his bladder aren't contracting, and something that's supposed to reduce any inflammation going on in his urethra so that when he does actually have to pee for real, it won't be quite so painful. These meds seem to be helping. He's at least not running back and forth to the box trying to pee. So that will have to do for tonight, and then tomorrow I'm going to walk down to the vet that's just a few blocks away (they're not a 24 hour emergency vet, which is why I couldn't go to them tonight. They were just about to close when I called.) and have them run the urine test, see what's going on there, and do what needs to be done to deal with it.

So. Anyway. I'm done with random crap popping up. I'm not supposed to be stressed when I'm not in classes. Co-op time is supposed to be my time to destress.

Anyway. I'm going to try to sleep. As much as I can while worrying about the cat, at least.
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Jenn said...

Once when Matt & I were trying to get a joint account they inverted the first two numbers of his ssn because the bank was in MA but he has a different state ssn because he was not born here either. They screwed up but never told us. I hope taht is what happened to you. You know you can get a free copy every year from each bureau, maybe worth looking into.

I will keep you & Severus in my thoughts for sure. Did you take him to Angel? They are the best over there. Hope you're both back to your normal selves soon


ginger said...

oy, i wish i could help. that's a lot of stuff at once. sometimes, when that happens, i feel like it's some kind of weird test on my patience.

Bridgete said...

Jenn: No transposed numbers, I watched her type the number AND listened to the phone thing repeat it back. However, I do think at one point I heard the automated phone thing say something like, "if this person has lived at their current address for less than two years..." and she just skipped it. Considering I HAVE lived at my current address for less than two years (less than one, in fact) that could have been it as well, you never know with these automated systems. I was thinking about getting a free report anyway though, it's been a couple years and it never hurts to check.

I took Severus to an animal hospital in Weymouth. Closer to me, especially during rush hour. They're really great too. Never been to Angel, although I have heard great things about them too. But getting to JP from Quincy in rush hour was not happening, lol.

Ginger: Thanks for at least wishing you could help. Actually, my dad has helped me clear up the car stuff a bit. We're now getting me a car first, then doing what we can with the old one.

As for the cat, what will help the most is to just send healthy thoughts out to Severus. He is doing much better, but I want to keep the healthy thoughts flowing until I'm absolutely certain he's 100% back to normal.

And yes, a test on my patience is EXACTLY what I thought this was. And I'm saying to whatever force is listening that I've had enough. This is the end of my patience, thank you, goodnight.