Thursday, May 28, 2009

Broken Thought Process Thursday

This theme was Jenn's idea.

So last night I pulled out my Knifty Knitter and started a scarf.  Then I ran out of yarn about halfway through.  I hope I can find the same kind when I go get more yarn.  Otherwise I guess I'll finish it off and give it to Severus as a weird, skinny blanket.

I'm so glad So You Think You Can Dance? is on again.  It's the only reality show competition thing I like.  I even like the initial auditions.  Mostly because they don't show too many of the terrible ones.   Just enough to give you an idea of what many people honestly seem to think qualifies as dancing.  I also like that basically anyone who doesn't make it into the top 20 can come back and try again for a later season when they've had more training.

I've been watching really random stuff on TV this week.  I was watching Food Network earlier, until some lady with a really obnoxious Southern accent came on and I had to change it.  Now I'm watching Meerkat Manor on Animal Planet (and I just glanced up at the wrong moment, all I saw was a shot of the back of a meerkat with HUGE balls...relative to his size, at  Yes, I'm a little bored.  I've tried to break up the monotony by reading and playing Wii, too, but I'm still bored.  But my internship starts on Monday, hooray!

I really wish Comedy Central would fix the episode descriptions for The Daily Show so that TiVo will only record the new episodes like it's supposed to.  It's not a TiVo problem, it's Comedy Central not properly indicating whether the episode is a rerun or not.  So I have to go in to my list every couple weeks and tell it not to record the ones I know aren't going to be new because they're airing at the wrong time of day. 

On the subject of TV, I'm really angry that basically because NBC didn't promote it enough, Kings has been canceled.  First I don't get to see more of Ian McShane because HBO canceled Deadwood before finishing the story, but now I get him back in another show, that was actually shaping up to be pretty good, and it gets canceled too!  Grrr...

Baby cheetahs!  The show on Animal Planet changed and now it's Growing Up Cheetah.  As a general rule, I love any animal in the Cat Family -- big, small, wild, domestic, any of them.  But Cheetahs are my real favorites.  And apparently they're also really sweet and easily domesticated.  Yes, you guessed it, I want a cheetah.  I know it's really hard to get a license to own a wild animal, and it's really, REALLY hard to get a cheetah because they're not only endangered, but they also don't breed well in captivity...but that doesn't stop me from wanting one.

I'm going to watch the fluffy cheetah kittens now.  I hope you enjoyed the journey through my mind on this Broken Thought Process Thursday.
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Jenn said...

If I didn't have to type this comment I would so be jumping up & down & clapping right now hooray for randomness!! Thanks for playing along :-D

I used to love watching AP until the graphic-ness of natural selection just got too depressing. Furry cheetahs sound cute though, maybe its time to try again.

KC McAuley said...

Sounds like that visit to Wildlife Safari when you were all of 3 really stuck with you. You just sat next to that cheetah like she was your best friend.

I'm gonna have to take on this broken thought process thing. Thursday should be a good day for me to do it, too.

Yeah...I need me some McShane fix. Time to rewatch some DEADWOOD I guess.

Bridgete said...

lol, Jenn, I can see you jumping up and down. I like this, it'll be a good way for me to write posts even when school is going on because I'll just throw in some randomness and be done with it.

I have that picture, Mom. And yes, that trip definitely stuck with me.

I'm planning on some Deadwood rewatching this summer.

And I'm looking forward to your Thursday randomness. =)

ginger said...

i love broken thought process thursday...i want to clap while jumping up and down too!

that woman on the food network was most likely paula deen. and you were sooooo right to change the can have a heart attack just looking at the food she dips in butter, wraps in bacon, smears in lard and deep fries. yuck.

Bridgete said...

Ginger, I think that is who it was. I did hear her describe what was on the menu for that day before changing the channel and it basically sounded like fat dipped in more fat. Blech.