Friday, June 19, 2009

Another late Broken Thought Process Thursday

Yeah, yeah, I know.  But I work 9 hours a day (not counting 1/2 hour lunch in the middle there, so I'm actually at the office for 9.5 hours) until Friday when I only work 4.  With all the mess of dealing with trains instead of driving to work, my commute is about an hour and a half each way, or more.  So I'm out of the house for almost 13 hours every day.  When I get home, I eat, watch TV, and go to bed.  Without my iPhone you wouldn't be seeing me on Facebook or Twitter all week.

I'm looking for a car this weekend.  Finally.  Mostly Sunday.  I might go tomorrow to start the process, but I'd be alone, and I need my moral support (Vanessa and her dad) before I actually decide to take the car with me.  But anyway, hooray!  I'm mostly going to dealers, their prices are really low right now.  Only time a bad economy is good is when you're actually trying to buy something, right?

Severus just sprawled himself across my lap.  He's been fully normal all week.  Except while I was at work today I think he threw up his antibiotics.  I gave him food with it like I'm supposed to so that it doesn't upset his stomach, but maybe it wasn't enough.  Poor guy.  I'd be worried that it messed everything up but we're in the home stretch with the medicine now, he's supposed to be done tomorrow, so it's probably okay.  He also probably absorbed at least a little bit, I think he threw up shortly before I got home.  He was acting a little unhappy and didn't want to eat the food I gave him.  Unlike most cats he gets upset about throwing up, even if it's just a perfectly normal hairball or whatever.  Cats are built to throw up immediately when something doesn't feel right (anything from eating too fast to eating something wrong to having a hairball), so usually they just get on with their day, but Severus here is upset for a bit afterwards.  It's quite strange.

Aww.  He's resting his head on my hand.  Although typing is now quite difficult.

Ahh, he moved it.  Now it's on my arm.   Well, my wrist...but typing is at least easier.

Response to a commercial I just saw:  Gummy multivitamins for adults, huh?  Maybe that will make me take my vitamins.  Remember the Flintstone vitamins?  =)

So normally I'm really weird about the randomness of shuffle on my iPod, I'm very moody about music so the randomness usually brings up something I don't feel like listening to and I just end up spending all my time skipping tracks trying to find something I want.  But this week my mood was random, so shuffle worked.  Since I have a fairly wide range of music, I've had some interesting transitions.  I've also heard songs that I haven't intentionally listened to in years.  Like Garbage.  I'm pretty sure I haven't listened to them much since high school.

I have no idea what that show was.  Apparently 3 pm came and went without me noticing, which means the show changed.  Had to switch.  New background show is now The Sopranos on A&E.  Which means they cut out all the swearing, so it's hard to actually WATCH (Hellooooo, mobsters swear...a lot.  Someone should have thought of that before syndicating it to regular cable.), but using it for background noise should be fine.

Hmm, I'm hungry.  When I got home, I went to the pantry to think about lunch, but couldn't settle on  anything.  So I ended up eating some chips.  Not exactly lunch.  Although I had a ginormous breakfast because Friday is buffet day, so breakfast is the usual breakfast buffet fare.  Today they had chocolate chip pancakes.  Yummy!

Severus has moved, he's now curled up next to me with his paw curled around my arm.  So cute.  I'm still hungry but I don't want to ruin the adorableness.  He'll shift eventually.

I think that may be all.  Later!
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I *still* take Flintstones vitamins! :) I actually tried some vitamins for adults, but they made my heart speed up and made me hyper as hell. So now I'm back to trying to fish the grape-flavored Dinos out of the bottle of Flintstones vitamins. I feel like I'm 5 years old again!

kate said...

I agree, some shows should not be on basic cable or network. Oz is coming to basic cable - I can't imagine that much will be left after the censors get through with it.
Glad Kitty is better.

Bridgete said...

@The Grammarphile - yay for Flintstones vitamins!

@Kate - Oz? Really? As in, the show about life in a maximum security prison? Complete with various forms of prison violence, full frontal male nudity on a regular basis, and possibly more swearing than the Sopranos and Deadwood combined? Yeah, okay. That's a great idea.

Jenn said...

Only time a bad economy is good is when you're actually trying to buy something, right?

Hilarious and so spot on!

Mmmmm...pancakes :-)

Good luck car shopping, excited to hear all about it!!

@B & K -- Sex and the City on network cable is the same situation. After commercials the show is only ten minutes long.

ginger said...

good luck with the car. dealerships are good to buy from because they recondition the cars before they sell them and that often comes with a certified warranty, so you know you're not buying something that will fall apart with nothing to back you up financially.

sorry, i work in a dealership...i am obviously biased. :)