Friday, June 12, 2009

Broken Thought Process...uh...Thuriday?

Jenn has been doing this on non-Thursdays, and the whole thing is her idea, so it's all good.  I only missed last night because Vanessa suddenly came out of her room, came to my door, and said, "I'm bored, are you bored?  Let's go to the Cheesecake Factory."  Well, I'd be crazy to say no to that just because I wanted to write a blog post, so away we went!

I know I missed BTPT last week, but you all saw why. Cat sick, car sick, too much sick.

Anyway.  Dad's helping me pay for a car now, and we've expanded my budget a bit beyond what I was going to be able to do myself.  I'll pay him back eventually.  So now I just have to find a car, yay!

He and I decided this on Sunday, but because of sick cat I've been very focused on that and haven't really been browsing car ads.  Much.  I'm being a little picky about type of car, I'd prefer to spend my money on a Toyota or Nissan at this point because I need something that I can rely on for a couple years until I'm in a financial place to go do the fun car shopping.  Although even then I'll probably get another Nissan, just much newer than I can go right now.  I've been eying the pretty new Altimas for a couple years now.

As for sick cat, he's been getting better.  I had a really worrisome moment this morning, he seemed to be backtracking because Wednesday and Thursday he was waiting about two hours in between trips to the box, then this morning he suddenly made like, 4 trips in the hour I was getting ready.  But I checked and there was pee in there so it wasn't urgent, and therefore I couldn't stay home because I knew the vet couldn't do anything more than what we'd done (antibiotics and new food) as long as he was still peeing and hadn't gotten blocked.  So, with worry on my brow, I head off to work.  Which turned out to be an adventure this morning.  I was already cranky because I'm not a morning person and I was worried about the cat AND it was nasty and rainy again, and then I ended up forgetting my headphones for the third day in a row.  I really like to block out the other sounds and people and such, unless I'm with a companion on the T, my headphones are key.  But anyway.  To make matters worse, I sat next to this pair of Asian women (I want to say Chinese...there are many Asian groups in Oregon, I have a bit of a sense about the differences in appearance and such, but I'm not always certain) and because of my mood the sound of the language just got to me.  Plus, they were talking awfully loud, considering the fact that it was a little before 7 am and the train was fairly empty.  But even just that would have been fine...until we hit the next stop after I got on the train and the woman announcing what stop was coming up along with various other info (JFK/UMass, change here for Ashmont service and Commuter Rail service) was WAAAAAY too perky.  And loud.  I know sometimes it's hard to understand the announcers, but if you know where you're going (which, at that time on a weekday morning, I can't imagine you DON'T know where you're going) you don't even really need it.  So I'd much rather have one of the normal announcers that kind of mumbles out the information, sounding like they're still pretty much half-asleep just like me.

So anyway.  You'd think that would be the last of my troubles.  Well, then my commuter rail to the town where I'm actually working was 20 minutes late.  Nice.  Luckily, they don't actually care when we get there or when we leave as long as we get the 40 hours a week.  They like us to aim for arrival by 8:30, but it's not set in stone or anything so we're certainly not going to get in trouble for random stuff like late trains.

How'd I get on that anyway?  Oh right.  Back to the cat.  So I did call the vet when they opened just to check in and make sure the random issue in the morning wasn't a sign that maybe we need a different antibiotic.  After telling him the story of having seen improvements and then having them go away, he asked a few questions about the other behavior besides the frequent trips (crying, whether he did pee, etc.) and said that really the medicine and the new food are all we can do for him.  The only thing is if he does look like he's getting a blockage then I have to take him in.  Oh, regarding the new food, so basically it's the cat's version of a person drinking lots of cranberry juice.  It does the same thing for his system that cranberry juice does for ours.

Anyway, I've now been home a few hours, he's back to the more normal bathroom pattern at this point, so who knows what this morning was all about.  It was raining really hard, he gets anxious about how loud it gets on the skylight in the hall, so maybe that had something to do with it.  You never know with animals.

So I have to say that I really enjoy working as in-house corporate counsel.  At least, at a big corporation.  It's busy, but it's clear that even the full-time staff (non-interns) aren't working too much more than 40 hours a week.  And there are lots of perks, at least at this particular place.  We have free coffee until 10:30 every morning, and there's a cafeteria with very reasonably priced food.  And they do different specials every day, along with the standard sandwiches and salad bar and such.  The food is good too.  I've been getting the specials a lot, yesterday I had a taco salad that I'm pretty sure was bigger than my head.  I only managed to eat about half of it.

The company is on "summer hours" right now which means we work 9 hours a day Mon-Thurs and then we work 4 hours on Friday.  The 9 hours are a bit tiring, but it's so worth it when Friday afternoon rolls around and you're already heading home.  So anyway, my lunch was kinda weird.  The cafeteria was still open and I certainly could have gone down and grabbed something, at least eating it at my desk or something, but I had a giant breakfast (Friday is breakfast buffet day so there's eggs and potatoes and breakfast meats, and this morning they had pancakes!) so I wasn't really hungry enough when lunchtime rolled around.  So I ate the remaining half a roll of Ritz I had at my desk (I like to keep desk snacks with me) and some Pringles before leaving.  Then when I got home I ate my cheesecake from last night because Nessa and I decided to take it home since we were about to explode after our dinner.  But you can't go to the Cheesecake Factory and NOT get cheesecake, right?  Now it's close to dinnertime and I think that slice of cheesecake actually left me rather full...I might wait and just eat late.  Ha, that rhymes.

So when I checked the weather earlier in the week it said it was supposed to clear up this weekend, now it's still supposed to be raining AND there might even be lightning.  So I still can't go try out the pool here at my apartment complex.  If it were just rain, but warm rain, I might go, but with the potential lightning it's a really bad idea to be swimming around in an outdoor pool.  Or any body of water.  Lightning will hit water, and then it goes through the whole pool.  Yeah, not a good idea.  Lame.  Maybe next weekend.

Well, I think that's about all the thoughts I've had going on this week.  Until next time!!
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Jenn said...

OK sista, it is bright & sunny right now and not too awful chilly or anything so I suggest getting your "pasty" butt out to the pool pronto! lol You could SO use some time to relax after the week you had. It is great news to hear Severus is back on teh upswing again, hopefully a nice sunny day will help him remain calm and get back to 100%.

What a great schedule you have in the summer! I wish all companies did that, makes weekends away so much nicer when you don't have to fight rush hour traffic to get to the destination :)

I'm sending out happy vibes for a nice calm weekend for you full of sunshine & happiness! ♥

Jenn said...

ugh...I think we should just change spelling of the to teh, that to taht and there to tehre

WV: swede - a cutie you will meet at the pool later :)

Bridgete said...

My butt IS rather No one will notice that I haven't shaved my legs when I'm actually IN the pool, right? ;)