Friday, June 26, 2009

Broken Thought Process...Day.

I really meant to post this yesterday.  But the death of the King of Pop really threw me for a loop.  Don't get me wrong, the man had issues.  Or, as my dear friend Amanda would say, he had a subscription.  Pause for you to get the issues/subscription took me a while.  But I still feel a little sad that the creator of the first mainstream music I ever listened to is gone from this earth.  Before MJ, I was all about the Disney soundtracks.  So...may he rest in peace.

I was reading the Boston Metro this morning, and happened across the following quote:

Boston is suffering through the cloudiest June since 1903.

Fabulous...not.  I thought I left the Pacific Northwest and its cloudiness behind.  Actually, I think even back home June was never so gloomy.  But there was sun today, yay!  There was a bit of mid-afternoon rain, but I was poking around some shops up in Harvard Square at the time so it didn't really interfere with my day.  By the time I got home it was sunny again.  I jumped in my swimsuit and hurried over to the pool before the sun left us again.  It was fabulous.

So there are some ginormous bumblebees around here.  I've never seen such fat bees!  One flew near my leg while I was by the pool.  Normally bumblebees don't bother me but I shied away from this guy because he was just HUGE.  He just continued on his merry way, as bumblebees always do.

Bend..........and snap!  Yes, you know what I'm watching.  ;)

Oh, NOW I'm hungry.  I had a huge lunch up in Cambridge.  So I didn't make dinner at dinnertime.  Now I don't feel like making dinner.  Eh, I think I have some stuff in the freezer that I can throw together quickly.

It surprises me that I don't own Bridget Jones's Diary.  Well, I have the book, and a movie poster, but not the movie.  It's odd that no one has ever decided it would be a great gift or something.

I'd better eat.  Until next week!  Or next time I have something to say.  ;)
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Jenn said...

Nothing to see here...I don't really exist...just a figment of your unsecured wireless imagination...

How fun, shopping in Harvard Square. What shops did you get to? Happy to hear you were able to finally get by the pool too. Luckily the sun (or at least a lack of rain) held out for our entire move. It started pouring as soon as we dropped the truck off at my dad's :-)

Bridgete said...

Who is this random person posing as Jenn? What are they doing here? Jenn has no internet! ;)

I mostly stopped in Harvard Square because I wanted to go to the Harvard Bookstore. Love those used books! =) The only other store I went to was this random stationer, I forget the name, it's a couple stores down from the bookstore though. I just like stationary stores, they have fun cards and stuff. Oh, and I grabbed some lunch.

Glad the lack of rain held out!