Thursday, July 2, 2009

Broken Thought Process...hey, it's Thursday!

My state of residence may sometimes be less-than-affectionately called Taxachusetts, but at least the state isn't bankrupt. Hell, even Oregon isn't bankrupt and there's a whole chunk of revenue missing from the lack of sales tax!

I totally have the best internship ever. Not only is it a paid internship, but when I went into my e-timecard to fill it out for the week, I found that tomorrow was automatically put in for 8 hours of holiday time! Score!

It's still. F**king. Raining. The sun made a brief appearance over the weekend. Now it's gone again. I think it's supposed to make another appearance on Saturday, which would be nice considering it's the 4th of freaking July. But regardless, I'm tired of the occasional appearances. It's July.

My keyboard is funky. The w key suddenly has decided it wants to type when I just barely rest my finger on the key. I tend to rest my hands on the keyboard when I'm is a laptop, where else are my hands going to go? So I end up typing a bunch of random Ws sometimes. It's irritating.

So I finally got a car...and then unfortunately yesterday something went funky with some kind of electrical thing. Completely out of the had been checked by a mechanic and they said everything was fine. And I could tell everything was fine. It was starting with NO hesitation, and all automatic-type stuff that uses any kind of electrical charge was working fine. Then yesterday, as I was leaving work, various electric things went haywire, then it died. Yay for AAA, at least. I'm gonna be cranky if it's the alternator. But I told the guy I bought it from that it died. He was genuinely shocked, and told me to tell him what the mechanic says. He's been a pretty awesome guy so far, so maybe he'll continue to be awesome about this whole mess. Especially if it's something that should have been found/fixed before. Oh well. Le sigh.

Anyway. With the rain and yet more time sans car I'm rather mopey today. Nothing more to say for now. I hope everyone has a good 4th. In fact, I hope I have a good 4th. I need it.

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Friday update: The sun made a brief appearance. I was downtown when it happened so I walked on the Common. It was good. =) I saw some dude playing I'm Yours who, from afar, looked and even SOUNDED so much like Mraz that I had to get pretty damn close before I was sure it wasn't. My heart was about ready to leap out of my chest, I swear. This guy was even wearing a Mraz-esque hat! But it definitely wasn't him. He's supposed to be in Belgium today anyway.

Also, I have my car back. It WAS the alternator. Dammit. Time to go all Lawyer Bridgete, do some research and figure out if I have any recourse. I had a paperwork issue at the RMV so I have to see the guy again anyway. He might be nice and just offer, but if not, and if there's something out there to back me up, I plan to find it. ;)
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kate said...

Bleh - hope things turn around very quickly!

ginger said...

i'm assuming you signed a purchase agreement or a contract of some sort. if money and title have been exchanged then you're an owner and have no legal recourse and are at the mercy of his...well, mercy.

check this to make sure, but i'm pretty sure that automotive contracts are the only contracts that don't have a 3 day window to back out.

sorry, i work in a dealership...i have to pipe in about that. at any rate, i hope it works itself out quickly, easily and painless.

Bridgete said...

Yeah, I figured as much, but it never hurts to look. Also, contract law differs from state to state. So what's true in Colorado may be completely wrong for Massachusetts.

Jenn said...

wwwwwwwhy did your car have to have problems? I hope they are cool about doing something about this considering how recently you purchased it.

At least the sun is out today and supposed to be out most of the day and Mraz wanna-beez are turning the Common into a perfect little place to be :-)

Big hugs!!