Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Broken Thought Process...Tuesday?

Yep.  I moved it.  I could tell my thought process was going to be broken and I really couldn't wait for Thursday.

What do you call a break-up that's not really a break-up because you weren't in a relationship in the first place, you were just sort of seeing each other?  Yeah, whatever that's called.  Bleh.  I really liked him, but he was always busy, eventually I got frustrated, and we agreed that instead of trying to fight through the madness of being 3Ls we should just go our separate ways and maybe see where we both are after graduation.  It sucks.  But I know myself, I may not be "high maintenance" or anything but I do like to actually SEE the person I'm...well...seeing.  So it was going to keep frustrating me.

So, now that the alternator is fixed I'm very happy with the new car.  He still needs a name though.  I've gotten the sense that the car is definitely a "he", but I just don't have the right name yet.  Ginger, I thought about Prince, but it didn't feel right.  Thanks though!

I left work early today to go to the RMV and still almost didn't make it in time because it was SO stormy that at one point the cloud cover was so heavy it felt like I was driving at NIGHT in the pouring rain.  So people were slow...but for good reason.   But anyway, the car is registered now.  And Taxachusetts got some more of my money.  Just doing my part to help the state avoid bankruptcy.  =P

The cat is desperately trying to be in my lap even though my legs are crossed and I'm sitting kind of funky and sideways.

I was buying a bottle of wine yesterday, and I think the lady wasn't going to ask for my ID, but I had it out already so she just took it.  If this were any other state, that wouldn't surprise me, especially since I was still in my work clothes.  But Massachusetts is pretty firm about the whole ID checking thing...which is why I had it out.  So I thought it was weird.  I guess at least she didn't tell me she didn't need it and to put it away.

I'm hungry.  But I'm tired and don't want to cook.  I kind of want to just eat the pint of ice cream in my freezer.  I got it yesterday so I could eat it and mope and watch girly movies, but then I was too full when ice cream time came around.  I probably won't eat it for dinner.  But it's tempting.

I forgot how quickly I tan.  During the few spurts of sun we've had I've gone out by the pool.  And occasionally in, but the water is kind of cool so I only do it when I get too hot in the sun.  I have some very noticeable lines already.  I was even wearing sunscreen.  Only SPF 15, but still.

I'm going to dig around in the fridge for some food now.

As noted before, this whole BTPT thing was brought to you by Jenn. Everyone in my favorite writers list to the side does the BTPT thing too, except for Mraz Man. I think he should though, judging by some of his posts it would be right up his alley. ;)
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Jenn said...

Getting carded now is like one of my very favorite things. If they ask i always tell them they are my new best friend. Especially since I'm at an age where I could have given birth to a 21 year old. haha

Lucky girl getting a tan! I got a little burn on the 4th but its long since faded. Yes I am aware that was only 4 days ago. I'll just reflect the sun onto you if we ever get the chance to go to the beach together this summer and you'll be even more tan lol.

Bridgete said...

Well, I suppose you COULD be the mother of a 21-year-old right now, but you would have been 15! =P

Haha. We really do need to get to the beach this summer. Just as soon as there's some decent weather on a weekend that isn't a holiday and we don't have plans. Although I rarely have plans so if you're going to the beach, text/call me!

KC McAuley said...

Beach?? Me Too!!

Glad the car thing is better. Alternators do go out. I've had to replace mine on the Sentra...but it's been fabulous ever since.

Sucky boyz...I was right there with you on the ice cream and weepy movies last night. Poor Sol just went and got in his basket. He hates it when I cry.

We'll drink some good wine and talk about it SOON!!!

love you.