Friday, July 31, 2009

A process of broken thoughts...

I think it may actually be time for a nap. Meh. I don't like to nap this late, I won't get to sleep later. Even though tomorrow is Saturday, I don't really want to throw off my whole sleep schedule that much. gotta explain something to me. How is it that these Boston drivers can slip themselves into and out of the tightest parallel parking spots I've ever seen in one go, but put them in a parking lot and they seem to forget how the steering wheel works? Especially when backing out of a space...or rather, backing up but not quite making it, pulling forward a little, backing up again, pulling forward again, backing up...oh, now I have room! It's baffling to me.

Wow, I'm really quite sleepy. Maybe I should nap.

I was not successful with recording my broken thoughts throughout the week. I didn't really have any. I did a lot of thinking in the car, as I always do. But nothing that stuck with me enough to write it down in preparation for this post.

I was also not successful in my water drinking effort this week. Gotta work on that. Especially now that it's finally a little more like summer around's at least warm and there have been more frequent sunny days. But still damp and rainy most of the time. That being said...I am SO glad I'm not still in Portland. 109? Seriously? I would have died.

I went crazy and cleaned my entire apartment last weekend. It started because I swept the living room floor. It's not like anything was gross. it's just one of my OCPD things. Oh, I looked up OCPD. While Wikipedia is not the best source, it is useful for nice summaries of things. Their article is here. So...yeah, it's basically a summary of me. Especially the whole bit about wanting things to be clean and/or setting up a plan to keep things clean, but then other tasks take over and so I become a bit messy...until the other things are done taking over and then I go on a cleaning spree again. Although I'm only messy in terms of clutter. Grossness does not fly. And anything that's put away, from food in the fridge/pantry to dishes to clothes, is put away in an organized fashion. The question is whether it actually gets put away at all. Of course, refrigerated food always does. Back to the whole anti-grossness thing. ;)

It's rainy and thunderstormy today. But tomorrow should be a good pool day. Probably Sunday too. I'm really enjoying this whole having a pool at the apartment thing. I wouldn't go to a public pool just to lay in a lounge chair and read, since you have to pay. So then I'd have to swim with all the other people. And...well...having worked at a public pool, let me just don't want to swim there.

I wonder what I should have for dinner. I kind of want something like Thai or Chinese...but I may be going out for Thai tomorrow so I'll hold off for now. Talking about it with Amanda is probably what triggered that desire anyway. Hmm. I'll have to poke around the kitchen and figure out what sounds good. Actually...sushi sounds good. But I don't know how to make that. I miss Megan. =( She's my sushi buddy...we're so compatible that we always just get a bunch of sushi pieces and rolls to share. Of course, I miss her for more than being my sushi buddy...but still.

Oh, here's Severus. He didn't want me to go to work this morning. So I thought when I got home after my half-day Friday he'd want to crawl up in my lap and stay there all afternoon. But it seems he was mad at me for going to work after he yelled at me to not go, so he ignored me for a few hours. Now he is in my lap. Well, as much of it as he can be, sharing with the laptop and all. I think that means I'm done with my broken thoughts for the day. Read more broken thoughts from My mom, Ginger, Kate, Bree, and, of course, Jenn, who started it all.


kate said...

109? In Portland Oregon? I didn't know that happened there...ick.
A nap sounds great, but there's too much to do. But you should probably surrender to Severus.

Jenn said...

Hahaha! Yeah the parking thing -- being able to fit a pick up into a space made for a Smartcar is bragging rights. You can tell a Boston bumper from a mile away. When parallel parking it is ok to bump and go but in a parking lot it is not ok to scrape bumper to bumper.

Bridgete said...

@Kate: It doesn't. It also doesn't snow in Portland, but they had it in spades in December. Yay climate change.

@Jenn: Aha! I knew there had to be SOME kind of rational explanation.

ginger said...

bumping and going is not okay in colorado...for when you visit. :) and i'll remember to never parallel park in boston when i visit for the same reason. i like my bumpers unbumpered. of course, i never cared when i had my jeep. dash is more delicate.

i never go in swimming pools just for the grossness factor, bridgete. and i giggled when i was reading about the fridge being all orderly and stuff. i tend to reorganize my fridge when i unpack groceries. my pantry too. i get so frustrated because my mom just pushes stuff around and it is always out of order and nothing can be found. i can't say anything though, she's my mom.

i hope you got that nap. xoxo

Bree said...

I heard it was over 100ยบ in Seattle as well, wtf^^? That's bizarre. Also, Jenn: this is preCISEly the reason I hate parking streetside...damage is acceptable! Never. lol

Jenn said...

The scrapes are the very reason people here are still driving 1986 Chevy Malibu's that are held together by duct tape and a screwdriver (aka - the mechanic's fix all). It's just too much pain to see the first scratch on a shiny new car. Considering it probably happened day 1 and all.