Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hell hath no fury...

You know it's bad when you have such a supremely awful day that even your happy song, on repeat, doesn't help. My current happy song is "I'm Yours," although most of Mraz's music usually helps. But yesterday, it didn't.

It was only coincidence that yesterday was Monday. I, like Ginger, don't let the fact that it's Monday mean that I'm going to have a bad day. But, regardless, I did have a bad day. A really bad day.

I thought it was pretty lame when I waited 20 minutes for a train. I was especially frustrated because chose not to walk the 7 minutes to a different train like I usually do because I left just late enough that I figured I should go to the closer one so I'd get to work at my normal time - not "on time" since on time is relative here, we set our own schedules, no one cares as long as we're here for our full 37.5 hours each week - but anyway, I don't like to be "late" because I like to leave at my normal time at the end of the day. So it was pretty irritating when I waited for 20 minutes and realized I would have made it to the other train and probably still gotten to work earlier than I did. I ended up being 15 minutes "late."

It was even lamer that when I walked into the library (the intern area) at 9:15, Mr. Obnoxious Intern looked at the clock and mouthed "wow." Like it mattered. Like I was actually late. Like he never comes in at 9:30 to 9:45, takes long lunch breaks, yet leaves at the same time as the rest of us. Our supervisor doesn't watch us like a hawk so the hours are kind of the honor system, and boy does he manipulate that. I fear he's going to be rather unethical as a lawyer. I mean, sure, I poke around online a bit, all of us do. But it's only when I have nothing to do because I finished my most recent project and I haven't gotten another one. Like now.

Anyway, so the being late outside my control and then the obnoxious intern's reaction set my teeth on edge already. But I was going to get over it. Until this boy, that I'd been...not dating yet but it certainly seemed things were on their way, suddenly was "in a relationship" on Facebook. And not with me. Now, mind you, enough had "happened" that this was, to me, a completely inappropriate thing to do. At least in the situation where that stuff "happened" because I actually liked this guy and thought I'd like to lead somewhere. Big step for me. But, as he was Amanda's friend, I decided okay, I need to just let this blow over, it's not like I was head over heels. I thought I could probably still at least be civil to him in mixed company. I'm pretty realistic with myself about what stage I'm at with a guy.

Then I talked to Amanda. Now, think back to my mentioning that things had "happened." Then think what it would mean that he told Amanda and then gave me a rating. Yes. A rating. A stupid, piggish, chauvinistic, mother f-ing douchebaggy thing to do. As we all know, it doesn't even matter if it was a good rating (Amanda didn't tell me and I didn't want to know), it's stupid and immature. Also stupid that he seemed to forget that GIRLS TALK. You don't tell a girl's close female friend anything like that. Ever.

He's now de-friended on Facebook by me and the only three people that are connected to me that he was friends with. Those three people being Amanda, Megan, and Vanessa. I knew Megan and Vanessa would since they really only knew him because we'd all hung out a couple times. And Amanda said that because of all this, he's dead to her. She didn't know he'd do a thing like that and once she learned that she decided that he's not worthy of her friendship.

So, in the end, I greatly appreciate my friends. I mean, I certainly hope that any normal woman wouldn't stand for that and wouldn't continue to be his friend. But that doesn't take away from the fact that I really appreciate them.

Today will be a better day.

Oh, and by the way, Mom, I'm so, so glad I can be open with you because there was no way I wasn't posting about this.

Edit: 7-29-08 11:32 pm, changed the title.
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Chucka Stone Designs said...

A stupid, piggish, chauvinistic, mother f-ing douchebaggy thing to do

You were nice. I might have used a bit harsher words. Man what is it with people like that? I will just say that the good news here is that he will very likely have the word spread around about his behavior post-date and will be hard pressed to get another anytime soon. Because as you said, GIRLS TALK!!!

On the happier side of things it is good to hear you are venting it out and having a better day today :) Chin up girl, they are not all bad I promise :)

Bridgete said...

I was only nice because I was censoring. I try to keep my blog somewhat clean. I think I have too much of a sense of how easy it is for young ones to get online and learn words they shouldn't see.

But you should have heard the names coming out of my mouth last night when I first heard.

Bree said...

What an asshat.

On days like that, happy songs don't help... kickboxing, now that helps.

I'm glad you have a good support system to have your back. Hope things spin better by the end of the week.

Bridgete said...

Hahaha. Asshat. I love it.

Ginger said...

wow! i really thought guys ceased behaving that badly after high school....shows how out of the loop i am! what an ass monkey! maybe his thingy will shrivel up and fall off.

and yes, that intern deserves a kick in the shins too. i can't stand it when i'm later than i want to be because of a bus or train. i feel ya.

feel better...good job!

Bridgete said...

You know, I really thought guys stopped behaving that badly after high school too, so you're probably not as out of the loop as you think you are. I think this one never grew up.

I'll see if I can find anyone who is skilled at thingy-shriveling curses.

In other news, the rest of the week was just fine, I'll post about it soon.