Monday, August 4, 2008

Quick overview

I'm strapped for time this week what with trying to pack for my trip back to Portland and do laundry and work on my applications for summer associate jobs since the first round is due on Friday...but I'll give you all an overview of my week after Monday...

Vanessa and I went to see free Shakespeare in Boston Common on Tuesday, and we discussed how she hates the floor plan of the apartment in her current complex that was going to be ours.  We made the decision to look for other places in Quincy after determining that yes, I'll need to move my car out here, but since it's primarily her complaint she's paying for half the moving costs.  I miss my car anyway.

Wednesday and Thursday were relatively uneventful, we found two other places to look at in Quincy and made appointments.

Friday we went to look at one place, it's a 3 floor condo for only $1900 a month (if you're outside of the Boston area, take a look at average rent around here before your jaw drops) and it's absolutely HUGE.  The living room, dining room, and kitchen take up one floor, then the second floor is just a bedroom and bathroom, and the third floor is, again, just a bedroom and bathroom.  Laundry facilities included in the apartment.  Also a working fireplace and a balcony off the third floor bedroom.  The second floor bedroom, which we had determined would be mine if we picked this one so that the entire third floor could be Vanessa's "cat free" space for her allergies (yes of course I still get to use the balcony), is so big that I can fit a queen sized bed, nightstand, desk, futon, chair, TV and stand, and probably a couple bookshelves...and not be cramped.  Vanessa's is a tiny bit smaller but still quite huge.  And lots of closet space everywhere.  Our only issue was this one had a broker's fee which was supposed to be equal to the rent, but we were told that was negotiable so we figured if we wanted this one we could utilize our lawyer skills and see what we could do.

Saturday we went to look at a place that would have looked very big if we hadn't seen the other one first...but as it was it looked tiny in comparison.  It also cost more for less space because it's in a fancy-schmancy upscale community and everything is brand new.  We liked the pretty, shiny, newness of this one so this created an internal debate that both of us had trouble reconciling - be practical or be fancy?  We finally settled on practical and are going for the gigantic one we saw on Friday.  We discussed arguing points for what we wanted to do in regards to the brokers fee and settled on asking for half off as well as asking for a payment plan to pay it over 6 months or a year or something instead of all at once.

Also on Saturday the final book in the Twilight series came out so when I got home from apartment hunting and making our determination as to which one we would choose I pretty much read the rest of the weekend.  Finished the book.  It was fantastic.

Sunday Vanessa contacted me and told me she talked to the broker and that we can have the apartment as long as nothing is wrong on our applications (shouldn't be).  She also successfully negotiated the brokers fee to exactly the terms we wanted.  Half off, paying it off over the course of a year.  It will just be tacked on to the rent.  Works out that each of us just has to pay an extra $40 each month.  So basically Vanessa is going to be an awesome negotiator.

Now I just have to move.  And I have a two week trip back home in the middle of "packing month."  Why did I plan that again?  Oh, right, because I wanted to see my friends and family more than once a year.  Oh well...I usually delay packing until the last minute anyway, it's not like this will be any different.  If I had planned right I would have started weeks ago.  Only damn thing I'm not OCD about.  Probably because it's a pain in the ass so I just throw shit in boxes wherever it will fit...unless it's breakable.  Then I'm careful.

Oh well.  This is hopefully the LAST time I'm moving for at least the next three years.  I'm tired of being a nomad.
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Chucka Stone Designs said...

YEA! Congrats on going for the larger but practical apt. Sounds like it will be the perfect place for both of you :) How great you were able to negotiate a half fee, it seems like agents are doing anything they can these days just to move real estate be it sales or rentals! That is awesome. So enjoy your trip back to Portland too. Are you driving the car back out this time around? Good idea to have a car, especially in Quincy where the T is more limited.

I always wait until the last minute to pack too. A sharpie marker can write on top of the box what is in there so who cares. It all goes to the same place right? Good luck with it!

Bridgete said...

Oh, sorry, when I said move my car out here, I meant hire a moving company. What with gas prices it's actually cheaper as long as I don't want it "rush delivered." I've been having fun checking them all out on the Better Business Bureau website and I found an affordable one that I can trust.

Glad someone else waits until the last minute to pack!

Ginger said...

ugh, moving sucks, doesn't it? i'm glad yo found something and were able to negotiate that fee. that's great!

good luck with it all, if anyone messes with your mojo just show 'em your ninja skills, hah!

Ginger said...

sorry about the know the one. :)