Sunday, July 13, 2008


Turns out there are a couple things I hadn't mentioned since the last time I posted.

First, I went to a Sox game for the first time a few weeks ago, one of the ones they played against the Diamondbacks.  I had fun being at the ballpark, although the game could have been more exciting.  They won, but it clearly wasn't that hard for them to win.  The fun part was just being there.  And then after Megan and I thought we'd just walk in the direction of home since we both live right along the green line, which goes above ground in the area we're in.  Anyway, she ended up just walking all the way home and I caught the T well after the usual ginormous crowd had dissipated.  So I have yet to try to catch the T from Kenmore station right after a game.

Around the same time, I finally got my evals back.  I got about the same as last semester, which is why there was no immediate post as I was not bursting with excitement this time, it was more like, okay, I've found my groove, and it's working.  But that's good.  =)

And I filled out the application for the apartment I'll be living in with Vanessa next year, which is very exciting.  I like living alone but at the same time I am starting to miss having a roommate.  I was always able to separate myself and get my alone time even when I had roommates (kind of an only child thing) so that was less the issue than things like people eating my food or never participating in keeping the common areas clean.  But Vanessa is very clean and we've discussed the food thing.  She agrees that if it's not something we've already said is "shared," then ask before eating.  Also, since I'm such a homebody, I think having a roommate is good for me.  Gives me someone to talk to.  The conversation can only go so far when the other "person" only speaks in meows.  =)

And now that I've fully updated all of's off to bed.
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Ginger said...

i miss living alone, but it turns out that my mom is a pretty kick ass roommate. i've had to set a couple of boundaries with her because she keeps trying to do the mom thing, but things are good.

good luck with it.....xoxo

Chucka Stone Designs said...

Fenway PAHK!! I am so happy you got to go to a Sox game & that they won, where were your seats? Did you sing along to Sweet Caroline? Fenway fans are definitely a family, one of my favorite things on the Boston summer to do list :)

So yea on the apartment! Sounds like you & Vanessa have covered your bases so there will be no big issues or surprises on the important stuff like food & cleanliness. It will be fun I'm sure! When is move in, September?

Bridgete said...

Ginger: I had to live with my mom for a bit after undergrad because the living arrangements I was supposed to have didn't work out. She, too, was a kick-ass roommate, but she definitely kept trying to do the mom thing. It's just how they are. =)

Jenn: Seats were in the bleachers, so I couldn't see a damn thing. But yes, I sang along to Sweet Caroline. And I agree about the family part, it really was great to be with all that energy.

And yes, move in is September. I'm really excited! =)