Friday, April 25, 2008

No more 1L classes! Ever!!

Alright, so I still have to take exams. But my 1L year is essentially over!

We were told today by our Con Law professor that we're lawyers now. She said it's true we have a couple more years before we can actually practice, but she said the shift into being a "lawyer" happens in your first year. I think that sounds about right. People from my pre-law school life have occasionally told me I'm "talking like a lawyer." It's a shift in vocabulary, a shift in the mental process that goes on before you make a statement, a shift in how you back up your statements with solid facts. I always was hard to argue with, being as stubborn as I am. But now instead of just being stubborn, I use solid facts to back up what I'm saying...which makes it even harder to win any kind of debate against me.

Anyway, I won't really feel done until exams are over, but it is really nice to be done with classes. Now I have to dive into the outlining and the studying and looking at exams from previous years to get an idea of what I'll have to do, etc. But, I get to spend the better part of this next week in my sweatpants while I do all that studying...I don't feel the need to waste an hour going in to the school and an hour coming back on the T when I could just stay home and use those two hours to study here.

Just in case you're worried that I'll be sitting here going insane with my books for the next 9 days, don't worry, I am getting out. Jenn (Chucka Stone) has informed me that Mr. Mraz had some secret tour dates that you only find out about if you're on his email address...of course, I found this out well after I'd made the plans for Richmond and paid all sorts of non-refundable charges for tickets and bus fares and hotels (oh my!) which doesn't make me any less glad that I went to Richmond because it was a fun just makes me feel silly because one of his secret tour dates is in Worcester, which is just a short way from Boston! Oh silly me. Anyway, the ticket was cheap, and Jenn kindly offered to drive since she lives near Boston and is already going, so never fear, I will be getting out of the house on Tuesday to take a LONG study break and go to another Mraz concert! Perfect way to release all the tension I'm sure I will have built up while studying for the next few days.

In other news, I did apply for the LF position. I met with Lucy today and she allayed my concerns that I had about not really having teaching experience and such, and we talked about what other kinds of classes I want to take and looked at the fall lineup of classes and it looks like if I'm going to do this, I should do it now rather than in my 3rd year. I'm pretty sure I want to go into litigation and this coming fall really doesn't have many good classes for me, so it's the perfect time to get 6 credits out of one class and get a really good experience and a final paper out of it too! I think I'll take evidence and professional responsibility alongside the LF course. I need evidence as a prerequisite for almost anything else I want to take, especially any of the good litigation classes like trial practice or negotiation or something, and a really good professor is teaching professional responsibility that quarter anyway so it's a good time to get that out of the way. Oh, by the way, for those who don't know, professional responsibility is the only "required" class that I absolutely have to take in order to graduate. Not counting the ones they just assign us to in our first year, of course. I have to have a certain amount of credits when I graduate, but they can be whatever classes I want.

Anyway, all that depends on if I get the position, but Lucy told me that they solicit the people they think will be good (like she did with me) so if they already think I'll be good I'm pretty sure the application is just a formality. So, that's exciting! It cuts my summer four days short, two days for training and then the two orientation days where the 1Ls are the only ones on campus before the upper level students come back, but that's no big deal. So, anyway, very exciting!

Well, I'm off to immerse in studying. Be prepared to see cobwebs appear on this blog until exams are over. =)

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Chucka Stone Designs said...

That is so exciting that you decided to go for it and teach!!! Kudos & much luck in working your room! You will have an additional level of experience to go out into the world with now that no one can take away & not everyone gets to claim they have, right on! :~)

Teaching, Interning at the Appellate Tax board & officially a Lawyer? I think this calls for a major celebration of singing & dancing our butts off next week :~)