Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's too sunny to study!

It's that horrible point in the term where spring is really coming and the days are sunny and beautiful and you just don't want to sit in class anymore! And when class gets out, you don't want to study, you want to go play! I've always had a hard time being productive at this time of year. And it's made even worse because classes will be over in a week and a half, then we'll have "reading week" when we're expected to study for exams, then we have one week of exams, then it's done! Three and a half weeks left AND it's sunny? Of course I can't concentrate! Plus I think I have a new neighbor upstairs, I'm hearing an awful lot of hammering on the walls for it to be just the same old neighbor hanging up a couple new pictures. And there's new music coming from upstairs...I never heard music from up there before at all, it was always from downstairs. This music isn't as loud as the guys downstairs, but it is kind of annoying. It sounds kind of like a heartbeat...and it doesn't change.

And then there's the fact that I'm going to Jason Mraz's concert on Friday in Richmond, VA, so I get to take a trip somewhere I've never been AND I get to go to a concert. Good thing the concert is on Friday so I won't waste my entire weekend anxiously waiting instead of studying. It's a long weekend too so I can make up my lost travel time...apparently Monday is Patriot's day. There's no Patriot's day on April 21st on any of my calendars, so I had to look it up...it seems that it's a special holiday celebrated in Massachusetts. And Maine. It commemorates the start of the Revolutionary War. Interesting. Move to a new state, get a new holiday.

Monday is also marathon day...so it's definitely good that, for whatever reason, classes are canceled on the day of the Boston Marathon. I don't think I want to go out in the craziness. Hmm...and in looking more things up online, it seems that it's intentional that the marathon is on Patriot's day. I'm learning new things all the time.

Well, I should really stop procrastinating.

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Chucka Stone Designs said...

Yeah we call it Marathon Monday around these parts. Patriots Day is such an odd holiday because there is no school, most banks are closed and even some employers give the day off but only here for the most part. When I lived in the western part of the state they said it isn't a "real" holiday. It must have more to do with the marathon & traffic issues why most people get the day off ;) Glad you looked into it though, not surprising for a lawyer lol

TOTALLY enjoy the show tonight!!!! We are all expecting a full report when you are done studying (or you can just fill us in on the ride out to the next one lol). Travel safely :~)

~ Jenn