Friday, April 11, 2008


April 11th, 1983, 10:30 am, PDT. After 60 (what I'm sure were exhausting) hours of labor and a final determination to do a C-section, a baby was born in a hospital room at Oregon Health and Sciences University.

25 years later. That baby has grown into a young woman. She is a law student in Boston, miles from home. She is independent, determined, and passionate. And she is now sitting in front of her computer contemplating all the events that have occurred in her life that have led her to this place.

I've drafted and re-drafted this entry, considering going through my life and listing all the events that may have led to me being independent, determined, and passionate. And I've realized that 25 years is a long time and it was turning out to be a very long entry. A lot has happened in my life that made me who I am. I've had successes and failures. I've made mistakes, and I've learned from them. I've gotten into sticky situations and figured out how to get out. I've learned that if I'm so stuck that I can't get out on my own, my parents are always there to help. Even 3000 miles away, I know they're always there for me.

Some of my friends had an "existential crisis" at 25. They suddenly realized they weren't really doing anything with their life, and didn't even know what they wanted to do. There's this strange thing about being 25 that makes you feel like you should know what you want to do, and should at least be on your way to getting there. I'm glad I'm there. I'm not having an existential crisis because I know I want to be a lawyer, and I'm in law school working towards becoming one. Just knowing that makes me feel so accomplished.

Tonight I'm going to celebrate by going to a movie with Vanessa and then having dinner. It's quiet, but that's me. I like quiet, peaceful celebrations. Having a few drinks with friends, or a nice dinner at home is usually all I ask for. So I think tonight will be a perfect way to celebrate.

The only strange thing is that such a landmark year coincided with my first birthday away from my parents. Especially strange being away from my mom. Her and I are very close, I think part of it has to do with the fact that I'm her only child, and part of it is just that we understand each other. I never have to be guarded around her. Even though she's my mom, I can be completely open with her, even if I'm talking about things that people don't usually talk about with their parents. I love that about her, and I miss her the most on big important days like this. But I know she's always just a phone call away.

So. Happy Birthday to me. I'm off to go celebrate!


KC McAuley said...

Yes I am ALWAYS just a phone call away. I love you very, very much. Have a wonderful time tonight!

Chucka Stone Designs said...

YEA!!! I hope you celebrated by truly enjoying your movie & dinner with Vanessa and then maybe chatting with your mom on the phone. As far as I am concerned a birthday is THE MOST important day in a person's life because if you never popped out you wouldn't be here to keep celebrating all the great things about your life!

I am almost 10 years older than you & STILL have no idea what I really want out of life so for you to have figured it out now is an amazing accomplishment :~) Enjoy celebrating all those huge accomplishments girl, you deserve it!!!

~ Jenn

Chucka Stone Designs said...

HOW did I not remember to tell you about the Worcester show!

The show was only on the musictoday ticket email that you apparently only get if you're in his email list or something. Anyway...the url is

Put in your email, click where it says Sign Me Up & then do the whole verify email thing & you should then have a buy now link to the tix for Worcester.

Hey if you want to go we'd be more than happy to give you a ride out there and back in an effort to repay the karmic love for Trayce driving our sorry butts all the way to Selinsgrove, PA last Friday! Just let me know :~)

Which VA show? If you see him in Richmond that would be SIC! It is so close to his hometown I bet the show will be amazing...we expect a full report lol!

~ Jenn

Chucka Stone Designs said...

guess the link doesn't wrap sorry, try copy & paste instead I guess :~)

Chucka Stone Designs said...

Are you kidding me? Blogger is stressing me out now lol...ok so if you want the link just email me & I'll hit you back with it