Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More updates...

Jenn reminded me that I forgot to update all of you on what is going on with the movers I'm suing.

So, to be quick, I looked more into the statute that I'll be suing under and apparently I have to send a 30 day demand letter before I file the claim.  The 30 day demand letter basically cites the statute, explains the problem, explains why the problem falls under the statute, and explains the relief I am seeking.  So I sent that on Friday, via Certified Mail with a return receipt so I have proof of when it went out and when it was received, and now they have 30 days to offer a reasonable, good faith settlement.  If they don't, then I'll take the case to court and then I am entitled to double or triple damages for their failure to offer a good faith settlement.  So there you go, that's my progress as of right now.

Oh, and I stepped into a hairy situation by being treasurer of Phi Alpha Delta, apparently the last treasurer either was not organized or was not informed of unilateral spending decisions so we have less money than he thought we have from SBA, which is the school organization that kind of oversees all the other organizations and distributes the activities funds to the groups (part of tuition is to pay an activities fund, that's where that money comes from).  Luckily all the money from fundraising is present and accounted for so we're kind of okay, but I had to jump in and say that all future expenses absolutely have to go through me since our funds are already limited and we have to make it all the way through next summer.  And I'm going to push for some major fundraising activities.  So, I'm fixing it.  But it caused me a fair amount of stress yesterday after I officially took on my position.

So, there's that.  I'd better listen in class now... =P
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Jenn said...

Ah that is good news to see the progression. I truly hope that they make an offer outside of court that is fair and you feel comfortable with. It will save all of you time, hassle & money

Speaking of...good luck with fundraising.

As if you weren't already busy enough girl lol!

kate said...

Sounds like a scary letter - I'd make the effort to settle out of court :).
Isn't fun to come in and have to clean up after your predecessor? Not. Much success with the fundraising - you'll think of something.