Wednesday, October 8, 2008

IRS interview!

So the interview was yesterday.  I felt pretty good walking out of there.  I was pretty emphatic about my interest in litigation and in tax law.  I feel like that was really important here because I know that with the way the OCI program works, some people just apply because it's there.  So the other people they interviewed might have had a really strong academic record but when they got to the question of "so, why the IRS?" those people may have gotten a little stuck.

Anyway, they told me at the end that they're not sure about what kind of internship openings they'll have in the Boston office, they're reworking their budget right now (ah, even the IRS is suffering...) but they're sure they'll have something in the DC office (which I put on my list of preferred locations).  So, I might end up in DC next summer, which will be fun.  Obviously there's a lot to see there and it will be nice to have 3 months to go see it all rather than cramming it into a weekend.  And there are people there I could stay with.  My uncle's brother and his wife live there.  Which could be awkward but I sort of know them since they visit my aunt and uncle every August so it won't be too bad.  And my friend Rachael and her husband live there too so I can always escape the awkward by hanging out with them.

So, all in all I think it went well.  I have some time to wait before I hear back because they're going to wait until they have a better idea of what will be available in Boston.  So, I'll keep you all posted.

In other news, I don't have class again until Tuesday!  What with Yom Kippur tomorrow and Columbus day on Monday, I rescheduled my Friday class (the one I teach) so that we could all have a long weekend.  I still have lots of homework stuff to do, and the library is still open so I have to go work (have I mentioned that I got a work-study job in the library?) but it's still nice that I don't have to do any new reading for class for the next 5 days and can focus on some other work I need to do.  And go buy some new jeans.  My two favorite pairs are dying.  Both have a hole in the knee and one is looking like it's about to go in the butt area.  No good can come of that, especially since I only have two other pairs.

Well, I think that's about it for now.  Off to enjoy my break!
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Jenn said...

This is great news! It would be cool to get to see DC for a summer :) I wish you tons of luck in a positive response!

Enjoy your long weekend and hopefully a quiet day at the library (no pun intended). You are busier than me if that is even possible lol!

Oh hey been meaning to ask, are you going to the Mraz show at the Orpheum next Friday night?

Bridgete said...

Oh, yeah, I've been meaning to ask you the same thing! Yes, I am going, with a couple friends from school that I recently found out are Mraz people too. =) I take it you're going too, right?

Jenn said...

Sadly no I just could not justify spending that much on tickets to the Orpheum :SOBS UNCONTROLABLY: It is so funny that I would drive all the way to SusqU in PA to see him but can't manage to get there when he is in my own town. lol. Well if any of your friends back out at the last second call me immediately, I might just be crazy enough to buy their ticket :)

I hope you guys have an amazing time though, take pics & send them in so I can check them out on his website later :)