Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's too hot in here for this!

Oh Mraz, we do love you.  But my goodness, it was much too hot in that theater to play such a slow set!  I was getting sleepy!  That lovely voice is just too soothing.

Oh, here's something weird though.  So apparently I read his mind.  Seriously.  He had just finished a couple songs on various electric guitars, and then he picked up an accoustic again.  He hadn't played a single note, he was just holding it, turning the knobs a bit, putting the capo on, and talking to Toca.  But I suddenly thought, "hmm, I wonder if he's about to play Unfold."  And then he did.  It was weird.  I frightened Megan and Christine with my sudden excitement that I somehow predicted he would play that song.  And then they were like, "what song?"  Sigh.  These newbie Mraz people who don't have those old coffee shop tracks...who also apparently didn't buy the live album which has a lot of my favorite coffee shop tracks.  So then I had to explain that it's my second favorite song of his ever (first is 0% Interest) so then they listened really closely.  Afterwards they said they really liked that one and wanted me to pass it along to them.  Yay, spreading the Mraz love.

Anyway, so since Jenn was not present to give you all the rundown of what he did in this set, I shall do it for her.

Make it Mine
Common Pleasure
If It Kills Me
Life is Wonderful
Details in the Fabric
Live High
Only Human
I'm Yours
(pretends to leave before encore)
Lucky - with Lisa Hannigan, the opening act
No Stopping Us
Beautiful Mess

So yes, as you can see...certainly there are the good high energy songs in there, but it definitely was a bit of a slower set tonight.  Which was beautiful, but like I said, it was freaking hot in there so it kind of made me want to curl up and sleep.  Hmm...Jason singing me to sleep...not such a bad idea... =)

The major damper to the show tonight was this asshole that was there in the row in front of us with his family.  Now, mind you, this was a SOLD OUT show.  You'd think that everyone who was there actually wanted to be there, right?  Wrong.  This ass apparently either decided he wanted to be in on the family outing, or got dragged there (which isn't really justifiable, someone would have bought that ticket in a heartbeat).  But instead of sucking it up and being nice, he decided to not only make his family's evening miserable, but he also decided to make everyone else miserable.  First, he was talking shit about Christine after he heard her ask the girl standing up in front of us (the only person standing in the whole section) if she wouldn't mind sitting down because Christine is actually short enough that she couldn't see around the girl even if she stood up and she wanted to sit down.  She was very polite when she asked, and sure, you could tell the girl was a little bummed but it's not like she got pissed or anything.  So this guy, who's not even with this girl, leans over to her and starts talking shit.  The poor girl is now obviously uncomfortable with this strange man talking to her, and he's making Christine uncomfortable too because he's talking loudly enough that everyone around can hear.  So then later he's talking to his son next to him and keeps making fun of the people who are enjoying themselves, making fun of his son for enjoying himself, even making fun of Jason!  At one point I snapped, "do you mind?"  The only person who didn't hear me was him...which was somewhat amusing and annoying all at once.  But I think his son heard me and said something because the guy got slightly less least to me.  Well then all of a sudden after he said something to his son, the kid just says, "stop it, just stop it!" and storms off.  So then the mom goes and finds the son, the guy just stays there for a bit.  Then the son comes back, grabs his stuff and takes his mom's spot (a couple people down), the mom stood in the aisle, and the guy decided he was just going to leave (finally).  Apparently Megan heard him say "I'd rather be at Fenway."  Ha, there wasn't a game tonight, but I'm pretty sure if he thought he'd be happier sitting there all alone freezing his ass off everyone would have been better off.

What makes it even more clear how irritating he was is the fact that he really wasn't even up there for most of the show.  He had vanished during the opening act, then came back for the first couple Jason songs (that was when Christine asked the girl to sit), vanished for a while, came back around Live High or so, I snapped at him during Only Human, his son yelled at him around "I'm Yours" and then he left after that was over.  But just the few songs he was even there for just ruined that portion of the show for all of us.  And poor Christine, it was her first time seeing Mraz live!  And it was only Megan's second time!  At least it was my sixth time...but then again the reason I'm willing to see him so frequently is because every show is a little different and I like to be able to enjoy each experience.

Aside from that, it was a good night.  I had fun with my friends, it was a nice break from law school and I got to hear some lovely singing.

And now it's 12:40 am and I must go to bed.
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Jenn said...

Ah the love of Jason is apparently only absorbed by those who are willing to open up their beating hearts to accept it (like your Jason-newbie friends who you can share the love with now yea!). That poor kid who so clearly wanted to be there did not need to be harassed by his own relations. You bet I would have bought that ticket in a New York minute given the circumstances!

Well all in all it sounds like a nice night of amazing tunes (of course). Thanks for the set list, I am shedding one glistening tear that I missed the show, don't think I've ever seen him do Common Pleasure or Unfold live, 2 of my favorites! Of course if he did 1,000 Things, Galaxy, Conversation With Myself or RKOP I would be sobbing right now that I didn't make it so I'm happy for that lol.

Jenn said...

Hey I'll leave this here so I know you see it :) I would love to interview you for GLR! That is an awesome idea doing a Growing Up Green series! OK if you want to email me at I'll get q's out to you asap & you can feel free to answer them whenever you have time, November is totally fine! It will be really cool to interview you as the first GUG interview since you come from the greeenest city in the country! Thanks so much Bridgete, this will be really fun :)