Monday, June 23, 2008

Law schools should give each student a personal assistant

Honestly.  As part of the tuition or something.  I have no problem making it to the doctor appointment or hair appointment or getting to the airport or whatever when I'm told what day and time to be there.  The thing I have a problem doing is calling the doctor's office or the salon or remembering to buy the plane tickets.  I need a person that I can give all the information to - what dates are good to schedule the trip, what appointments need to be made, what my schedule is for either classes or internship (whichever thing I'm doing at the time), and then they can just take over, make the calls, and tell me when I need to be where.

I hope I'll get an assistant when I'm actually working as a lawyer after graduation.  I might not survive without one.

Anyway, I do have the plane tickets for going home in August and just got my hair done last week.  I just have to remember to call the doctor this week.  And the movers for September.  So I guess I'm mostly together.

Le sigh.
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Ginger said...

"le sigh"...i love it. hah!

may you be successful and powerful enough to have an assistant when you are a super tax attorney....there, you've been blessed and are now bound for success and assistant(s), or something like that.

as for the funky feeds from my page...i'm at a loss. i'll keep looking on feedblitz, but it's also weird that no one else has mentioned it. so maybe the universe just wants you to read my posts a lot. probably not, huh? :P

Chucka Stone Designs said...

Let out the stress girl, a day planner can be your best friend :)

Bridgete said...

Ginger: Thank you for the blessing, I'm sure that will be sufficient to get me an assistant later in life. As for the funky feeds, I suppose it could be the reader I use, but it doesn't do it with anyone else's blog so...I'm at a loss. Oh well, no worries.

Jenn: I try to use day planners. They don't help me, though, because they still don't tell me to call the people. I have a magical ability to file the dates and times of appointments in my head and just remember to go to them, it's really quite strange. So I don't look at the planner if I even bothered to write something down because I remember it regardless. Really important things like interviews go in my phone so that they'll beep at me as a reminder just in case my mental planner fails me. I've bought so many day planners and ended up never using them so I had to stop. I suppose for remembering to call people I could use my phone or computer and set it up to remind me, but unless I set it up to annoy me by reminding me every 5 minutes until I call the doctor or whoever, I'll just look at the reminder, say "okay, I'll do it in just a minute" and then forget and still never make the call.

Bree said...

Lists and tabs, the bane of my existence.

Also the only two reasons I get anything done.