Sunday, June 22, 2008

A fabulous Boston day.

OMG, I love this city. I do. So much to see and do and experience. I can't get enough.

Today, Vanessa and I had plans to go to the Phantom Gourmet BBQ Beach Party. Which was really cool, but of course her and I were full after our meal (and the BEST CANNOLI I'VE EVER HAD!) and really had nothing else we could do there since the whole point was to eat food. But we figured we should really do more with our day than just that since we were only there for a few hours. So we went over to where the aquarium is, intending to go there. However, when we got there we saw that there's a whale watching boat ride, which sounded much cooler. After all, we can go to the aquarium anytime, but how many days in Boston are good days to go out into the ocean on a boat? So, we went for the whale watching ride instead. It was so cool! We saw a bunch of whales, including a mother and her calf, one of the whales flung his tail way out of the water and made a huge splash, and another one waved at us with his flipper.

Anyway, the boat ride was about three hours long, so by the time we got back into the harbor it was dinnertime. We went to Legal Sea Food for dinner, and we both decided to get lobster. As in, a whole one, just there on your plate. That certainly made me feel carnivorous, even more than when I go out for sushi. At least sushi is still cut up and stuff. It was kind of awkward to have to just start going at it, but I know how good it tastes from eating lobster rolls and stuff so I wasn't going to let the awkwardness stop me. Guess I'm a real New Englander now. Oh, and they have a really interesting way of running the credit cards, they bring a machine thing to the table with the tab still in it and you swipe the card yourself and type in the tip and stuff. They said it's so that you can keep sight of your card the whole time. It's cool, I think more restaurants should do it.

Well, I've had a full day and I'm exhausted. Time for bed.


kate said...

Whale watching!? Awesome! Now I'm having one of those 'why am I not by the ocean' moments. I may have to go to the Denver Aquarium for a fix soon. Glad you had such a super day :)

Chucka Stone Designs said...

Have not been on a whale watch in SO LONG, yea to hear you had a great time! Much more worth it than the aquarium. It is fun but just a big spiral up/down fish tank really.

You must take all the meat out of your lobster & put it in the vat of butter to soak up the butter while you peel away the shell on the rest. I am seriously drooling just thinking about it but I am allergic to lobster ::sobs hysterically::

You are a true New Englander when you take the live lobster & boil it yourself. My uncle used to put it on the floor first to run around before he cooked it. I would cry when he put it in the pot "do you hear it screaming?" he would ask and I would just leave the kitchen. Good times.