Sunday, May 11, 2008


The wonderfulness of being done with my first year of law school is really sinking in now.  Especially since my internship isn't starting until the 27th, so I have two whole weeks where not only am I done with classes...I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING I have to do!  I can watch movies, read for fun, go on walks when it's nice, hang out with friends (those that are staying in Boston this summer), play video games...whatever I want!    And two weeks is the perfect amount of time to have nothing to do before I get bored and antsy.

Yesterday I spent 8 hours hanging out with a couple of law school friends who live near me.  We all loved that we had the freedom to do that with nothing hanging over our heads.

Anywho, I'm going to start a movie now.  Yay!
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Chucka Stone Designs said...

It must seem weird the first couple days like "am I forgetting to do something???" but then perfectly awesome to have nothing specific to do :~) Soak it up, I will keep my fingers crossed for nice weather the next couple weeks!!

Ginger said...

yay on your first year complete! what movie did you watch?

Bridgete said...

Jenn - I'm hoping for nice weather too. The opportunity for a beach trip has to arrive sometime.

Ginger - I was supposed to watch On the Waterfront because that was what I have from Blockbuster Online, but it seems the mailman broke it. As in, big giant crack right through the DVD. Luckily Blockbuster doesn't ask questions, you just tell them it's damaged and they mail another copy, but anyway, obviously the new copy couldn't arrive instantaneously. So I went into On Demand and poked through and they had a commercial for P.S. I Love You which actually turned out to be really good. I mean, as romance movies go, I don't usually like them but I really liked this one.

And now I'm playing Zelda on my Wii. Back to it!