Saturday, May 17, 2008

Damn I'm bored...

Alright. I've decompressed. Can I start my internship now?

One more week? NOOO!

I'm so bored...

I keep inventing projects to keep myself busy. I deep-cleaned my apartment. The other day I sold the monitor from my old desktop that had been sitting collecting dust ever since I gave Christen the tower after her computer died. I also cleared some books off my bookshelf that I never intend to read again. I think I'll take them up to Harvard Bookstore sometime this week and resell them. Anyway, now I have some space for my law books. The ones I intend to keep, that is. No casebooks, just the ones I might have to refer back to.

I have been spending time with some friends, so that's been good. Although Vanessa vanished. Well, she didn't really vanish, I know where she is. She has a job as a manager at a restaurant, which she kept doing part-time during school (I still don't know how she did it...) and she doesn't like "idle time" so I knew she'd be diving into work there until the internship starts. And yes, she'll be working part-time at the restaurant while doing the internship too. Sounds crazy to me, but if it makes her happy to stay that busy, then good for her.

But yeah. All in all, I'm ready for my internship to start. Going from 70-80 hours a week of nothing but law to...nothing at all is really not as easy as I thought. I got used to being busy. Well, intellectually busy. Crosswords and puzzles and playing online word games with my mom are great to keep my mind at least stimulated, but it's not the same kind of stimulation. Oh, and I've been browsing through a lot of news feeds. Finding some really random articles. That's fun.

Oh! Speaking of news, I did have a fun moment at a nearby sports bar last night. New England Sports Network (NESN) was there asking people to answer a question about the Red Sox on camera. I decided to go ahead and make a fool of myself by answering a question. I guess they're going to go edit the footage and air it during one of the games sometime next week. So...if you have access to NESN, I might be on TV next week. And there's my 15 minutes of fame!

Anyway, the funniest part was when they handed me this contract - just a standard thing that gives them the right to show my face on TV, blah blah. I insisted on reading it before I signed it. The guy explained it to me, and I was like, "yeah, I'm a law student, I'm going to have to read it before I sign anything," and he laughed and said that was fine. Is this me now? I guess so. Although I still don't read the "end user license agreements" that you have to agree to every single freaking time you install a computer program. But even our contracts professor admitted he doesn't read those. What am I going to do, not install the computer program? Probably not. All they really say is that you can't make copies of the program for profit, which I wouldn't do.

Well, I think it's late enough now to go to bed. Next update will probably be after my first day at the internship unless something significantly exciting happens between now and then.

Oh, and to Jenn - still crossing my fingers for a beach-worthy day. =)


Chucka Stone Designs said...

I will be watching the Sox games I'm sure so will definitely let you know if I see your smiling face on TV :) How much fun is that??? Hey, I'm not even a law student and I still read every word of something I am signing no matter how fast they want me to get through it! It is the one time I don't read through that I will be selling my soul or something I just know it lol!

Not looking very promising for the beach this week girl...I think we're talking a couple months but we'll get there!!

Bridgete said...

Yeah, doesn't look like the beach is coming very soon. Oh well. We'll go eventually!