Thursday, March 20, 2008

This week...

This week has been better. I'm feeling better about Sarah...I'm still sad but I've moved on to acceptance and I think I'm okay now. The school stress has gone down too. The summary judgment memo is basically done...we have meetings in a couple weeks with the professor who is going to give us her edits and suggestions. But for right now, I can't really do anything with it other than wait for her comments so I don't have to worry about that.

The group project turned out really well. Our faculty adviser got back to us, she only has some really minor edits and she said as soon as we implement those edits she'll be ready to sign off on it and call it done so that's really great. Huge weight off of everyone's shoulders. And I'm not on the "presentation team" so while I have some small tasks to help them prepare for the presentation, I don't have to do a lot with it.

And...well, reading for class is the same, but without everything else it's a lot easier to deal with.

Oh, and a little good news I just got today...apparently being able to put course evaluations in with your resume when applying for internships DOES help make a relatively boring resume a bit more interesting. I got an interview with the Mass. Appellate Tax Board. What happened with the Sheriff's dept. position, you ask? Well, I sent back the stuff for the background check, and I haven't heard anything. My guess is that it's taking a while since most of my "background" is in Oregon, so it might be hard for them to find. But in any case, I sent out another set of applications in the most recent mailing on Monday because I didn't want to rely on something that might not be happening. I think working for the Appellate Tax Board might be more interesting anyway. So, I'll make sure to write an update after the interview.

So, in general things are better. I've had my moments, but I'm handling them. So, not to worry. I always get through it!


Chucka Stone Designs said...

I am glad to hear you are doing better after things with Sarah. it seems like lots but no time has gone by since if that makes any sense at all. You definitely strike me as a person who evaluates a situation and makes the best of it no matter what it is so that is awesome!

Do you have to be there for the presentation but just do not speak or is that part on someone else completely? Either way I'm sure you are all happy it is coming to a close :)

So have you had the interview yet? When Matt was working in mortgages he frequently had to have a background check & it could take up to a month in some cases, just depending on how backed up they were & what was being researched. Good luck on the intereview with Appellate Tax though, especially if that position sounds more interesting then I hope you get it!

Bridgete said...

The interview is on Wednesday.

I had to have a background check for a volunteer position at a Sheriff's office in Oregon before and I remember it took a long time. But yes, I think the Tax board position will be more interesting. =)