Sunday, December 23, 2007

Finals and flying home.

Well, exams are over, and I'm back home in Portland now.

I think the exams went pretty well. Civil Procedure I'm sure I did well, my only question is whether I did well enough to be the TA next year. I'd really like to do that, so here's hoping! =) Property was next... and I had such a bad professor that I basically had to try to teach myself the entire subject in a few days. But, I think I had the basic concepts and was able to base some arguments on them, and she's supposed to be an easy grader so that should be fine too. Torts was hard, but I got through it. The hardest thing there was just the sheer volume of possibilities that I had to analyze in only three and a half hours. But I wrote as much as I could, and I think I spotted all the major things I needed to spot, so that should be fine too.

We don't get our evaluations back until February because Northeastern does full written evaluations in lieu of letter grades, so I have quite a while to wait. And I still have to start my next semester of classes, which seems weird to me. It seems like you should know if you passed the prior classes before you can start the next ones. Especially in law school, since I don't think people stick around if they fail their entire first semester. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited to start the next semester, I just would like to know how I did sooner. Oh well.

Anyway, so my last final was on Wednesday, then my friends and I had a party to celebrate the end, which was a lot of fun. Then on Thursday I recovered from my hangover and packed for my trip home, to the dismay of my poor kitty, Severus. He kept jumping in the suitcase or laying on top of it, hoping he could prevent me from leaving. But leave I did, on Friday, dragging my giant suitcase on the T until I arrived at the airport and could release it into the capable hands of the Alaska Airlines crew.

My airplane was in the airport on time, but it certainly didn't leave on time. We boarded and everything seemed to be fine, then the captain made an announcement informing us that since the airport was very busy we had to wait for a bit, and that we also had to do some deicing of the wings, which I think he said was on the other side of the airport from where we needed to go. So, we finally pulled away from the gate about 1/2 an hour late, and then had to go to the deicing place, then they sprayed this stuff on the wings, then we finally took off about an hour late. This almost made me late for my connecting flight to Portland, since this flight was to Seattle. But I made it to that flight, although I had to run to the gate. Such is the way of flying out of New England in the winter.

The flight was nice though. Alaska still does meals on the long flights, unlike many airlines, so I got some dinner. They also have these cool video things that you can rent and there's a selection of about 7 movies to choose from, with your own private headphones, so you don't have to watch some crappy movie that you never cared about seeing. So I got to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I did see it when it came out, but, it's Harry Potter! I would have had time to watch a second movie, but instead I fiddled around on my laptop, and watched out the window as we flew over the country, trying to guess what cities I was seeing.

Interesting moment of irony on the flight. We had a pretty rough patch of turbulence over the Rockies (which look really cool in the winter, by the way), and right as it started, Jason Mraz's song, "Plane," started playing on my Zen player. Now, in this song is the oft repeated line, "If the plane goes down, damn..." which was fun to hear as we were bumping along over the mountains. I continued to listen to it because I like the song, but it was a bit nerve-wracking. Especially since the turbulence stopped when the song was over. A bit eerie, if you ask me.

Other than that, the flight was generally uneventful. Just long. Almost six hours is a long time to be on a plane. But, it's worth it just to get home.

Well, that's about it. I haven't done much since being home, except FINALLY get a hair cut. It's great, I love it. I found some pictures of Jennifer Aniston a la season 3 of Friends and had my hairdresser copy it, it works very well on me. I was inspired because I had the DVDs of the entire series running in the background while I was outlining and studying for finals, and I decided that haircut was the one I wanted. It's great too, my hair had gotten ridiculously long and was really driving me crazy. I thought I wanted to grow it long... until it got long and I realized it's really annoying. Now it's shoulder length and very manageable. And I can still put it in a ponytail if I want.


Chucka Stone Designs said...

I am really enjoying reading both of your blogs, just discovered you from the Mraz blog post comment you made. It is great to hear you seemed to enjoy being in our little corner of the northeast for your first semester of school :) I wanted to comment on your other blog that yes, Boston drivers are insane but once you learn how to predict unpredictability you are all set to drive here. lol

Hope your new semester goes well and I look forward to reading more of your adventures here :) From one huge Mraz fan to another!

If you get a chance to check out my blog I think you will enjoy the Pineapple Bouffant post (Mraz related ;)

Jenn said...

Yup, crazy to have a whole year behind us now huh? And yes, I definitely hope we have a chance to get together at least every once in a while next year even if just for coffee!

Happy bloggyversary :)