Sunday, April 19, 2009

I love...

I'm copying Ginger here. I liked the idea of making a list of things that make me happy.

Things I love...
Waking up to find Severus asleep on my stomach.
Days when I have nowhere to go and nothing to do.
Driving with the volume up on the stereo.
Accelerating to highway speed.
My iPhone.
My 3 cameras and their various advantages.
Working in the darkroom.
Fresh fruit in the summer.
The perfect summer evening.
The smell of the first spring rain.
Warm sand on my bare feet.
The sound of the ocean.
Good wine with good food.

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Bridgete said...

P.S. The photos are for Shadow Shot Sunday

kate said...

I love your love list :)

wv: bledasta. One of the unforgivable curses. You don't want to know what it does.

Jenn said...

Such a good list, everything made me smile but especially "warm sand on my bare feet" :-D

I might have to do this too, my brain can not wrap around blogging though I've been trying to write one for about five days now I just keep deleting them.

ginger said...

yay happy lists!! i need to do those more often, i have felt soooo much better about things in general since i did that one.

i love your shadows!