Sunday, February 15, 2009

And now the concert....

Now that most of you have read about the ordeal involved with getting TO the concert, I feel like I can talk about the show itself.

The opening band was called "Fun," and they were, well, fun!

As for Mraz, this was definitely one of the better shows.  It was high energy, he was "chatting" with us a lot, and he did some cute covers (only one of which I recognized so that's the only one included in the set list).

The set this time was:

Make It Mine
If It Kills Me (Here's where Jenn got her concert call)
Only Human
Beautiful Mess
Live High
I'm Yours
Lucky (No girl though, he just had the girls in the audience sing it, which was cute)
(Cover) Build Me Up, Buttercup
No Stopping Us

Aaaaand...I have pictures!  Here's a selection of the best ones.

From Mraz 021209

From Mraz 021209

From Mraz 021209

Playing with the zoom.  I like this one because you can see how fast his hand was moving.

From Mraz 021209

From Mraz 021209

From Mraz 021209
Nice tushy. ;)

From Mraz 021209

I took some videos too but I don't feel like futzing with them at the moment.  They might appear later. ;)

So, anyway, that was my general impression.  A nice, high energy night to counteract the rest of the bad luck I had that day.  Oh, and the audience was great this time.  No cranky people in front of me, no one pushing from behind me, just happiness and good times.  Definitely a good show.  =)
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Jenn said...

Wow you had great seats, no wonder the call came through so very clear! Thanks so much, I have saved it cuz that is one of my very favorites on the album :) Can't believe he was in shoes! Must be too cold for him on the east coast lol. Thanks for sharing the pictures, he looked (and sounded) fantastic!

Bridgete said...

That's why I chose to do the concert call during that song, I remembered how much you like it. =)


I'm so jealous you got to see Jason Mraz! I've been wanting to see him *forever*! :)

Bridgete said...

You're a grammarphile AND a Mraz fan? I think you're my new best friend. ;)