Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Just generally...

Work is going great, but I can't say much about it.  Lots of confidentiality.  Ya know, working for the Dept. of Revenue, access to people's tax stuff while it's in litigation, learning about things that big name companies have been doing...yadda yadda...

The movers I'm going to sue should have responded to the 30 day demand letter with a reasonable settlement offer by now.  They didn't, so this weekend I'm going to work on my complaint.

I passed the MPRE, so that's exciting.  Actually, I kicked its ass.  A passing score was an 85, I got a 107.  Go me!

OH!  Most exciting thing is the new toy I bought myself.  It's a phone.  Made by Apple.  With a fun touch screen and lots of cool applications to add (many are free, I'm discovering).  Yes.  That's right.  It's an iPhone.  =D  It's awfully distracting when I'm at work.  Or at home.  Or on the T.  lol.

Anywho, I also got a cute, little, purple iPod Nano.  Yes, I know the iPhone is also an iPod, but the biggest one is 16GB.  Considering I usually have about that much in music I want to take with me and then thinking about space for applications and the fact that the stuff that makes the phone work takes up space, so do contacts and text messages and ringtones...I couldn't see it working as more than just a backup iPod.  Vanessa has had an iPhone for a while now and she said the same thing.  I've also discovered since making the purchase that all the other stuff the phone does really drains the battery.  I'm sure it would start to annoy me if I had to charge it every day because I was not only doing phone stuff but listening to music too.  So anyway, I only got the 8GB phone to make up for the fact that I was getting an iPod too, and then got the 16GB cute little purple one.  Seriously, it's adorable.  And purple.  I love it.  (Did I mention that it's purple?  Have you figured out my favorite color yet?)

So, back to the actual reason I needed a new mp3 player of some sort.  My Zen (random mp3 player made by Creative) has been acting up for about a month and a half now.  Whenever I go to charge it, it only charges about halfway.  It can sit there for 6 hours, or all night, and still not get fully charged.  And the AC adaptor I'd had died over the summer so in order to leave it charging long enough to even get halfway I had to have it attached to my laptop, therefore leaving the laptop on and usually plugged in since I don't normally sit at the computer that long, therefore not only wasting electricity but also affecting the life of my laptop battery.  All signs point to not good.  So, I knew the time had come to replace it.  And after doing some price and quality comparisons I decided that iPods really are the best value.  So, there you have it.  I have converted.  And I'm quite happy with the battery life so far, much happier than I ever was with that Zen, even when it was new.

Aw...Severus just jumped in my lap and when I went to pet him I mis-timed my movement and hit him in the nose.  I must comfort the cat now.  I think that's all my news of the week anyway.
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kate said...

I don't speak technology, but I got the gist that you are happy with your new toys :). Severus is a great name for a cat; hopefully he will forgive you for your transgression. The cat I live with (my sister's) is named Duncan, but answers to "Bad Kitty! NO!"

Bree said...

Congrats on the MPRE! I get to retake it in March. Missed the ID mark by 5 points...if only I practiced in Michigan! haha!

I hearts the Apple. I have a macbook and an ipod mini (archaic, I know) and I luff them both. Welcome to the club! ;)

Jenn said...

HUGE congrats on the MPRE, that is a fantastic score!

I think you and your new purple Nano will be very happy together :) Let me know how you like the Touch as well, something I am considering upgrading to next year.

Hopefully Severus will forgive you & isn't black & blue heehee :)

ginger said...

my new nano is also purple!!! it's the best! i only got 8 gigs because i think that by the time i will fill it up all the way it will be obsolete and time for a new one anyway.

don't you love how it has the toggle screen so you can search by album cover?

Bridgete said...

Oh yeah, I do love the toggle screen! It's fun. =)

Oh, and Jenn - Severus is always black...but I don't know about the blue. His fur is in the way. He seems to have forgiven me though. =)