Saturday, November 22, 2008

Recipe for disaster


1 Tbsp. rhinovirus
2 cups stress
4 cups wicked cold weather


1.  Find someone with the rhinovirus.  Remain near this person for two hours.
2.  Add stress 1/2 a cup at a time.  Mix well.
3.  Fold in half the wicked cold weather.
4.  Let sit for a day, fold in the rest of the wicked cold weather.
5.  Let sit for another day.
6.  Congratulations!  You now have a cold!

Grr.  This is lame.  I don't get sick.  Even being around other people who are sick and being stressed usually doesn't do it.  But throw in that cold weather...

Oh well.  At least the term is over.  I still have a bit of editing to do on my paper, but no more researching or actual writing.  I like editing anyway.

I'm going to curl up with the cat now.
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Jenn said...

Gack, what a bummer! But like you said at least it came at a better time than mid way through the term or something.

You are truly a Bostonian used wicked in its fully intentional and correct placement. That's wicked cool ;)

Feel better!

Ginger said...

this post is wicked pissah dude!

i'm sorry you don't fell well, but this is some funny shyte.

get better soon...drink some ginger tea, it helps...really.

kate said...

Feel better - and enjoy being catted to the sofa.

Bree said...

Your term is already over? Lucky duck. If you're going to get sick, getting sick when classes are over is the way to go. Emergen-C mixed with orange juice works for my immune system...

Bridgete said...

Yeah, my school is confusing to other law students. Maybe while I'm on co-op I'll write a post and explain its uniqueness. As well as explain what "on co-op" means... =P