Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hooray for Portland!

Portland, OR has maintained its #1 spot on the list of greenest cities.


This is probably the one thing I REALLY miss about my home town.  I still make the same efforts to stay green, but Boston makes it just slightly harder to do it.  Like...I'm used to people picking up ALL my recycling.  Except my soda cans.  I'm used to taking those in myself - or, if I'm feeling lazy, leaving them in a strategic place where I know someone will come by and take them.  Never too close to trash day so that the cans don't accidentally end up in the garbage pick up.

But anyway.  My old apartment had no recycling pick up.  My new apartment has only paper recycling bins.  An improvement, certainly, but my concern is that regardless of the efforts I may make, others just won't drive all the way to the recycling center.  They will recycle if the bins are there next to the dumpsters.  Plus, until my car gets here in December (yes, it was supposed to be sooner, but it turns out that my apartment is only a 10 minute walk from the T station and it just works better if I wait until later) I have to not only inconvenience myself to take the recycling in, but Vanessa too.

There's a community meeting soon for our complex.  I think I'll go and see if I can argue for more recycling pick up.  I bet if I find and present the right information I can convince them that it's better for everyone.
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Jenn said...

We are working on getting better here in Boston but you are right, we're not up to snuff by far! Did you read the Organic Mechanic editorial I did on Boston getting greener? Don't know if you read that or not so it is here. And you can always take a cue from Ginger and fight to get those bins installed with some strategic research & well presented facts. Who better to present that case than a lawyer right? :) Good to see you care & hope you fight for it! We will overtake Portland someday mwahaha!